July 03, 2011

Direct Air

Yesterday's flight?

Received two e-mails and two cell calls on the flight.  Does anyone know if it ever took off?


Steve Foley said...

According to Flightaware a flight from ORH to MYR departed at 4:35pm and arrived at 6:02pm

Jahn said...

Maybe we can Think of it as a 1st anniversary gift from Massport?????????..... an apparition that disappears back into the sky in no time....kinda like all the great plans that Worcesterites had for Msssports takeover.

Would the city council please forget about unshoveled sidewalks on airport hill and request thet Massport appear b4 the CC to answer a few questions re just what MP is doing (or not doing) up there? The silence on thsi issue deafening.

Thanx. Hope all are enjoying the last day of the long weeknd.

Jahn said...

It is rumored that an automobile enthusiast has brought in excess of 2,000,000 visitors to Worc on 4th July weekend for 21 straight years and he treated like a red headed step child.

Say what they will about the guy, but he's also brought millions of $$$$$$ to the city as well. The gate fee alone probably yiedled over $1,000,000 this year plus all the spin off.

Do you think if Main South CDC, or Worcester common Grounds or S Worc Neighborhood center wanted to hold a 3 day symposium in Green Hill Park highlighting to Pajama People all the free bennies of CDC housing....that they wouudl have to rent the park for $21,000. Hell No. I mean christ almighty the city might even build em a free sewer line for all the Porta -Potties that would be req'd.


Should Mr M. be entitled to a TIF or Dif............really think about it?? ( For the record I am not in favor of either but whats good for The Hand It Over Theatre or teh DA's new digs is surely good enuff for those with grease under their fingernails........right??? nope wrong if its Worc youre talking about

tim macdonald said...

I saw a few Direct flights that day come in and I would assume they took off too. Also, the 757's were nice on Thursday!

Paulie's Point of View said...

Senor Pedro Jahn...I have been hearing a certain educated "so called creative" clique in the city complain about the "white trash"-their words it draws-I complain about a documented non involved Puerto Rican community and I am branded a rascist:>).....same clique that never stops supporting all of our POLS and 1 college that support endless no-lo income housing and they wonder why Jay Leno and his antique car followers do not drown the city in support during the Summer Nationals!

Jahn said...

I wonder if Jay Leno has ever showed up that Antique car gala that's held every July in Dedham or is it Brookline? It's more museum pieces than classic cars, but I am going to look into going there soon, assuming they still have it.

TY for indirectly reminding me of it. Every July comes and goes and I forget about it.

I still say the Summer Natl's get ++++ for help from teh city, esp when you look at what the city has given the Hand it Over Theatre or Clark Univ (Downing St for free)

Once again the anti business/ pro non-profits mentality rears its ugly head in Worcester.

Hey did anyone else notice how quickly & easily that new lodging as approved by teh ZBA last week? Guy is going to convery a 3 decker very nearby Clark to a lodging house, evidently with Clarks unspoken, quiet approval as lodging will be looking for Clark Students as tenants . If thsi other lodging house in main South is forced to close Wait until this winter when those who were living there apply to live at this new lodging house. Imagine Clarkies and Hobos living under the same roof?

Sad part is the only reason the guy had to apply for lodging house status is b/c in Worc you cannot rent a dwelling unit (apt) to more than 3 unrelated people and unrealted college kids like to pile into apts 4 or 5 at a time.....altho Martha Croakley, claims and rightly so, that city cannot deny access to a dweeling unit based on teh realtionship of the tenants involved.

Just ask Mr Kr. what happens when you put 4 unrelated Assumption students in a single family house on Salisbury.........Worc code dept is all over ya like a cheap suit with flashlights in the night running license paltes numbers to see who is sleeping on the premises and what their relationships to each other is ( if any)........tlak about wasted city resources