July 25, 2011

Worcester Common Ground Board Finale

There are some really good people on the board and an addition of a member of the Chandler Business Association should have been an easy thing and , I feel, would have made for a stronger board.   At this point, I just don't see us pursuing this anymore.

In the end, maybe we will get more done without being on board?


Jahn said...

I am thinking a 6' 3", 271 lb Collyer, although only one person, could easily be at least 51% of the BOD :).

Can someone tell me what the relationship is, if any, between Worc Community Land Trust and WCG?

I have to believe there is more money flowng to WGC and/or it employee(s) from other sources than gov't, donations, or rent.

Bill Randell said...

two completely seperate groups.

Anonymous said...

It was a smackdown loud and clear.

Anonymous said...


Jahn said...


Why does the city have to have a contractor clean up the glass at Crompton Pool?

Lifegaurds standing there in the foreground of the picture doing nothing. Lifeguards evidently do not have broom operating credentials?

The pool isnt going to open that day? Send lifeguards home. No pay today. That's how my summer jobs worked? Please dont tell me the life guards get 8 hours pay (per NAGE or SEIU))just for showing up?

Does broken glass rise to the level or definiton of vandalism?

How about calling triage wet shelters in Village of Pualie nieghborhood vandalism?

Anonymous said...



have to love the internet non-profits have to file taxes and they have to file annual reports with the state...

990's are on foundationfinder

Jahn said...

So what's up with Konnie asking for business reports from N Main St businesses and crime reports during the Summer Nat'ls annual 4th Julio event?

Now I like Konnies fiscal conservatism, but My God Imagine If I asked for reports on business spinoff and crime that ocurred during a certain August downton festive gaterhing in Worcester or if I asked for the business spin offs from The Hand It Over Theatre?. I'd be branded w/certain derogatory terms. What reports are good for N Main St area should also be good for south Main St area?

Maybe she's just looking for a little ink during the local summer politcal doldrums when many of our CC's are more like hosts for the Asian Long Horned beetle which has now been found on College Hill? Great place for the beetle to be found if'n you're of a mindset to clear cut college Hill for the alleged soon to be expansive Holy Cross Village?

Meanwhile I guess the report and crime filed a few years ago regarding a missing Izuzu Trooper has been relegated to cold case status?????

David Z. said...

There is an article in this week's Worcester Magazine about SMOC and the CBA's concerns.


David Z. said...

On another note, there is a great article in today’s T&G about the revival of Fitchburg through the former mills being redeveloped for mixed use.


The comment that caught my attention:

“Fitchburg already has a high percentage of affordable and subsidized housing,” Mr. Casassa said. “We like to see diversification and mixed development that offers market-rate housing with a reasonable level of affordability built in. Having 100 percent low-income and subsidized housing is not healthy for a neighborhood, the tax base or residents themselves if you segregate all low-income residents in the same neighborhood.”

It appears as though Fitchburg understands that too many low income and subsidized housing is not good for neighborhoods, do you thing Worcester will ever follow suit?