July 16, 2011

As I See it

One day we have SMOC running the PIP in a 33,000 square foot building on Main Street.   

After a study, we create a national model whereby we move the PIP to the old City Hospital run by Community Healthlink .  Instead of a shelter,  it is a called a triage center, where people are checked in by hopefully moved into some permanent housing fast.

What has it been a year maybe two?   Community Healthlink loses the contract back to SMOC.  Now SMOC is looking to merge with MLK and we fear move the triage center into the 20,000 feet of  unoccupied space in the MLK building.

If this were to happen, all we have really done is move a problem from one area to another.


Jahn said...

Bill, I question the strategy of moving these people to permanent housing immediately. The result is more half way houses and we all know these houses aint going to be in Holden :).

Fridays T&G that seesm to say that MKL is on the rocks further bolsters my position that Non profit entities teaching entrepeneurship is at best an irony, worse case impossible. I mean what do taxpayer funded non profits know about turning a profit. Look no further than CDC's building apts that run $250,000 per unit for 1,100 sq ft and then renting them for $1,200 a month and calling it low in come housing.

The PIP closing plan is an utter failure and the worst part is it took at least 3-4 yrs for the city to come up with a plan. Is this a very difficult situation to address....absolutely.......but as you implied or stated the plan is an utter failure and put sthe city at risk when they knowingly exceed occupancy capacities, esp when dealing with troubled individuals. What does the Code Dept tell the court after a Coconut Grove type fire in an overlaoded triage center, which over capacity is telegraphed to every one in town via the T&G. Code going to say they didn't know?

And what of the logic of combining (if you believe what they say ) an Entrepenuerial center with the likes of a detox center. These are hardly compatible "enterprises". IMO if SMOC prevails at the site it will eventually be 100% SMOC. Do future visions for Worc include multiple panhandlers working that intersection?

Time to consider the MLK center his 2nd failure and move on to a real job.

Imagine 250 ft to the west and a we have a 2nd possible new SMOC site west of Park Ave.

BTW is that side of Chandler Sr out side of Hallers district? My guess is that it is still her district but what a great way to wash your hands of thsi issue if it's outside her district.

Bill Randell said...

Look no further then the South Worcester neighborhood Center. They have completely sold out what is good for the neighborhood.

Instead the have partnered partnered with developers who know howto manipulate the name of the non-profit to tap into free monies to develop no-lo housing to help South Worcester's bottom line.

I truly beliebe the triage center inthe MLK building is a done deal. This will crush the business and residential development in this area.

Alot of good people have invested alot of their time and money into this area and are getting screwed. Very sad.

Jahn said...

Bill, I'd liken the hearings re this SMOC proposal at teh MLK center the hearings re the closing on of Dwoning St.

As you say the SMOC to MLK move may well be a done deal and the clsing of Downing for Clrks benfiet was a done deal lastr Oct.

It is truly insulting to voters & taxpayers to pretend that these hearings will make any difference. I am truly disapointed in Mike Obrien, esp. as re: Downing St. and the so callled PILOT payment deal he negotiated which the Downing st closing is part of.

Next up ... Holy Cross taking over the other side of College St and closing Caro St. Consider it payola for the Tornadoes use of Fitton Field???