July 21, 2011

Worc Common Ground Board Part 1

One member of the Worcester Common Ground Board about 5 or 6 months ago asked several questions about the Chandler Business Association:
  • what exactly is our formation
  • when do we meet
  • why we dont invite him
  • where do we do community outreach
Make a long story short, he asked alot questions all beginning with the word "W".   We answered every single question. let me stress every single question!!!, and even held formal community meetings to appease his concern that we did not reach out to the community.

In fact we have another community meeting Monday to address all the concerns regarding SMOC moving into the MLK building.  

Part 2 tomorrow,

1 comment:

Signman said...

Can't wait for part two...funny we have asked some uestions of Phil...oops...and they have yet to answer us or invite us to their meeting...