November 28, 2011

City Manager

I have been watching and hearing alot about this SMOC issue.  As you know my feelings is that they should return to the building that they already own on Main Street until their new facility opens.    

What I really dont understand is that the City Manager, or really any elected official,  getting any heat on this?   SMOC is a private entity and big (real big) business that can do pretty much anything they want using the Dover Amendment as cover.     Add to this our current dual tax real estate system makes big buildings like this ripe for groups like SMOC (non-profit) to buy on the cheap in this depressed real estate economy.

At the state level changes need to be made in the Dover Amendment to give city officials power.  Currently neither the City Manager or any elected official can really do anything to stop SMOC and anything they want.     


Max Delirious said...

Bill, I agree that the Dover Amendment will allow SMOC to just drop in and make use of the building at 1398 Main Street however they wish to, but:

a) the majority of residents and neighbors in the 1398 area are homeowners and have a vested interest in the safety and security of their neighborhood

b) the 1398 area hundreds of impressionable (and vulnerable!) schjoolkids walking past it down Apricot Street daily

c) don't you think it is a good idea, Bill, for us (the neighbors) to know how SMOC will run that building especially given the past and present problems that exist (still!!) in the 701 main Street area?


Bill Randell said...

I agree with you, Max Delirious..

This is not a good spot for it all!!! My point is that you can stop it it.

Jahn said...

Only way to stop these is when pols go behind the scenes and pull the plug on the funding. Wasnt it Spillane who pulled the plug on one of these 1/2 way houses that was to be sited on Chamberlain Parkway or in that area?

Given their real estate holdings in South Worcester county, I want to know why South Middlesex Opportunity Council doesnt change their name to South Worcester Opportunity Council.

Why doesnt SMOC stay in South Middlesex?

I know the city zoning ordinace had a provision that req'd 1/2 way house to beat least 500 feet apart. Does this law still n effect? Given the adrresses of the three SMOC units on Cottage street, it would appear they're w/in 500 ft of each other. When CC adopted this ordinace it was back in 1987 or 1988 and there was a similar outcry about the siting of 1/2 way houses. Originally it was to be 1,000 ft apart but the city law dept said that may be held to be too restrictive.

And dare I ask where's our MIA Lt Governator on this? 'Bout time Tim and SMOC have 80 phone conversations on a topic related to Worcester and not to the director of the Chelsea Housing Authority?

And all the drunks I knew from a younger day ended up at Beech Hill, Lynnfield, Catholic Charities, St V 's, Salvation Army, Doctors Hospital, City Hospital, and other that I have forgotten. If drugs and alcoholism are illness, dont these people belong in hospital settings.

SMOC better hope we dont have a re-run of "Genesis Club type incident".... a.k.a. a random murder by 1/2 house clientele

Mini Delirious said...

There is a name that is associated with a certain empowerment center. Let's say that name is Jahn Q Dough.

Well a Jahn Q Dough in 2010 acquired what appears to be an unbuildable 4,300ft lot on Dudley St.

As Sgt. Schultz would say................"i know Nuttin' " Lebeau passed Schultz a piece of apple sttttttrrrruuuuuuuudel

Of course there could always be two (or 22) different Jahn Q Doughs out there.