November 30, 2011


Sorry if you have been trying to post comments?  Something up with blogspot today?


David Z. said...

Bill, it seems to be working now.

Jahn said...

No wonder I aint been gittin' no ink of late. :)

So as one T&G blogger put it, all things considered Worc is for its size a relatively safe place to live.

During the recent SMOC debacle I was thinking a certain regular contributor to letters to the editor might get some ink. However instead another gentleman got the ink and the topic was non profits uncanny ability to practically hi-jack city owned streets. Try pulling that crap if you're Polar or St Gobain. Look for HC to be grabbin' Caro St in the not too distant future. Also look for Rich K. in the not too distant future letters to editor.

So how come retired clergy can live 4, 5, or 6 unrelated people living in certain west side single family homes? Religious exemption from zoning????....but they're all retired?? Barry K pulls that crap on the westside and it makes front page news.

How come the city is sooooooooo trigger happy when it comes to shutting down "unsafe" neighborhood meetings re SMOC, yet the former SMOC owned and operated PIP shelter at 701 Main St has for 2 decades been knowingly allowed to operate well in excess of the leagally allowed number of beds. Diff. strokes for diff. folks

Hey Q, come off 290 E.B. at grafton St some day and check the number of what I think might be illegal signs attached to traffic control signal posts. I think I counted 6 yesterday b4 the light turned Irish. I think all the signs were for non profits....Ecotarium, DCU Center, etc, etc. Once agian diff strokes for diff. folks in Worc.

Anonymous said...

What's the deal with Wolfenden St. and Shore Dr. east of 190? Were these ever city owned?

Jahn said...

Are you asking me?

Who plows them?

The only SHore Dr i ever knew was prior to when I-190 was built past the rear of Nortons in 1976-77.

I belive Nortons & Healds beaches were on Shore Dr. I THINK Nortons beach closed when 190 went in. Check me on that tho. I also think the old Healds Beach is now a city beach? Bancroft School is also on Shore Dr too??????

Where is Wolfenden St?

And Speaking of I-190, I had to go to Leominster today. Almost into Fitchburg, heaven forbid. So it appears they are building a fence on that very high elevation bridge that I think spans the Quinapoxet river. Ya know the one the jumpers have been known frequent. But from what i saw anyone could still jump over the "suicide prevention fence"...which is maybe 8 or 9 ft high? I was in my Crown Vic too. Not Gubmint issue tho :)