November 10, 2011

Direct Air cancels San Juan and the Bahamas

Surprise anyone?  Click here for Telegram story.

More bad news in Rockford, click here.

Direct Air's days are numbered.  The over under right now is Ground Hog's Day,  February 2, 2012.  I say they will be done by then.     



David Z. said...

If you read between the lines of the Telegram story, it appears as though MassPort is pretty fed up with Direct Air, too.

All the more reason to get more airlines in Worcester as soon as possible.

Anonymous said...

We should have just repurposed that airport years ago. It's a lost cause boys. At some point you just have to move on.

Paulie's Point of View said...

So how do we do this Dave Z....dont you think the airlines have looked at Worcester and that they have determined that it is a loser......why do you think Allegient left so soon....Worcester does need an would be nice but it is not.necessary

Jahn said...

Not to worry folks, all the middle class folks will be moving into the City Sq area and will generate mucho business for the airport.......someday.

So i went the lyeberry the other day and I couldnt help but notice the workmen plastering on the underlying fake "masonry" plastic/styrofoam facade on the old Bancroft Motors/parking garage.

Some units it appears even have middle class balconies where one can enjoy an ice cold libation on a hot July night with an almost perfect eye level view of the library's roof and all the the HVAC equipment up there on it obstructing the view. But hey what do I care, I aint living there and after a 6 pack I'd be passed out anyway

On another note, they also afford a nice view of aeroplains approching from the east. Was it Totto who used to say de plane.....??? Now darn it ...what was the name of that TV show.......Fantasy Island?
Maybe Worc Airport s/b called Fantasy Airport.

So I am stuck behind the +ss end of a city bus a 1/2 hr ago and the sign on the bus's rear said:

"Everyone should take the bus. Learn how to ride the bus. Call 508-453-++++ or "

HUH..........people have to have to learn how to ride the bus???? Must be a bus riding tutor over there on Grove St? This cant be for real?

Paulie's Point of View said...

I have better porch views at the Azel Howard Drake on me Senor Pedro Jahn:)

David Z. said...


I don't get it. You constantly rail against government funded development projects in Worcester and here is an area (Franklin, Portland, Salem St) that is being transformed with all private investment and you still have a problem with it and take some shots.


If MassPort really wanted to they could get airlines to WA. I think the access road issue is a poor excuse especially when airlines have shown in the past that Worcester would support the airport with the right destinations and competitive pricing. That is the key to it's success.

David Z. said...

Speaking of things in DT Worcester that we should rail about; from today's WBJ Business update, the Worcester Regional Research Bureau has announced a partnership with Assumption College and will be moving from their Mechanics Hall location to the Assumption campus.

Great idea to partner with a college but this should have been used to get the college students DT. Shame on the WRRB for not practicing what they preach about the vitality (or lack thereof) of DT Worcester.

Drake said...

I saw you there awhile back doing some painting paulie. I think it was you . What happened to Louie? :).

Now Paulie, I knew Azel and he always enjoyed tHE VIllage Of Piedmonts views from his piazza..but that was back when MLK was an envelope company, Walgreens was Harrington Richards (can u say machine guns on the west side of PaRK AVE?), and Dunkin Donuts plaza was a car lot and a 6 family. :).

That said, I am certain Azel would enjoy a properly poured Giuness in the Village.

So whats the scuttle butt on SMOC???? My gut tells me they aint going away from that general area anytime soon

Jahn said...

David, agreed I do rail against govt subsidized constr of privately owned property. Yes, it is great that the area in question is being built out with private money. My concern is that these will not be condos but apts and I am concerned that some (or many) of them may end up with low income tenants and low income tenants all too often = gov't subsidized tenants. Hope I am wrong, but if they put 20-30% low income in that place they will not get the middle income tenant that is nec. for CS to succeed. The Common gets anyone more uncommon Pajama people on it and CS will be toast.

David as re WA, i think you're mixing apples and oranges when you say the airport was successful yrs ago w/o an access road. Years ago airlines were mandated by the gov't to serve markets like Worc. thus the large passenger count of the 60's, 70's, 80's & maybe even the 90's. Those mandates no longer stand. WA has to compete in the real marketplace vs. the govt mandated marketplace of yesteryear, thus its demise.

And given the city has re -elected almost the same bunch of CC's, I expect no one down there will be asking WTH happened since Massport took over....which is basically nothing. 9 yrs mananging the place and 18 months owning the place and Massport has done nothing at WA. NOTHING! All these CC clowns are worried about is how much more we can pay the city workers who re-elected them on Twos-day.

IMO were had/have competitive pricing to FL with both Allegiant and DA. Problem is it seems they cant succeed with competivie and/or discounted pricing???

TGIF and a nice weakend two awl

Jahn said...

You know someone could get them selves some nice press ink and radio notoriety by convening a meeting in Worc of officials from various airlines and asking them what we need to do to get them to WA.

Prob be best to exclude ANYONE associated with the govt except Massport. Never forget that MaSSPORT couldnt sell Paulie a pint of Guiness b/c Massport sales & marketing expertise is weak to non existence b/c they never had to compete in the real marketplace and they have exclusive rights to run Logan. a.k.a. no competition.