November 30, 2011

Kudos to City Mgr, State Rep Binienda/Moore and the neighborhood

I am a huge fan of the City Mgr.

That said, I think he made a mistake when he felt a move to the Anna Maria site for 12 months was acceptable since a promise (my opinion) was made to close the PIP at 701 Main Street and never return.    Upon seeing the reaction from the neighborhood, he realized that a move back to 701 Main made the most sense!!    This opposition was not some fake group with some long name that really only represented a couple people, but a group with no name that had , from what I heard, packed a 800 seat auditorium.    Real people, who actually were mad!!!

Rep Binienda and State Senator Moore..  They did not incite this group, but merely represented a group that was rightfully already incited.    Many other elected pols would merely follow the lead from above and not listen to what their constituents were saying below.   Great  job by State Rep Binienda representing his district.

If you ask me, this process was a perfect example of how the process should work.      In the end the right thing was done and applaud everyone involved for doing the right thing.     The real question is whether or not the current triage center which became "crowded and dangerous"  as the legal counsel for SMOC asserted can be run uncrowded and safe wherever it is located.

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David Z. said...

Sorry Bill I respectfully disagree.

I think this just reinforces that D4 is Worcester's "dumping" ground. All city neighborhoods should be part of the solution and not just be able to mobilize until the CC caves.