November 12, 2011

Direct Air & Planes

All of these excuses that they can not get planes makes no sense to me?  They don't have any planes, they rent them so hard can it be to rent a plane, unless you have a history of not paying your bills.  Pace lawsuit

Allman has received permission to pursue $1.46 million from a South Carolina tourism company based on a breach-of-contract lawsuit filed by Pace shortly before its collapse. The lawsuit involves a dispute with Southern Sky Air & Tours LLC, doing business as Direct Air.

From their website

"Flights are Public Charters operated by XTRA Airways, Vision Airlines, Inc, Aviation Advantage/Sky King, & Dynamic Air"

None of these companies can get them the planes they need? 

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Anonymous said...

The original reason given for the cancelled flights to San Juan that a Direct Air customer service representative gave to a friend of mine was that Direct Air had yet to secure landing rights at San Juan. I too don't find it plausible that they couldn't secure aircraft. I wonder if a query to the US DOT could find an answer to the landing rights statement.