November 21, 2011

Triage Center

Here is how I see it:

  1. Community Healthlink owns the property (City Hospital) and had a contract to run the triage center
  2. Community Healthlink lost the triage contract to SMOC
  3. Community Healthlink does not want to rent to SMOC, which is the best location, but it is their right to rent or not rent to whom they want
  4. Within 12 months SMOC will build a new "state of the art" triage center that will be located next to City Hospital.
  5. This leaves us with one problem, where does SMOC run the triage center until their new building is built?
Call me crazy but why can't they simply move back to the building that they already own, the former site known as the PIP shelter????   Seriously someone give me one reason why this does not make sense..


David Z. said...


There was too much negative connotation with the former PIP shelter to move back there even temporarily. When they vacated that location and established the present triage center, it was supposed to be a "fresh start" on how to take care of and transition their clientele. There is no way that they could reconsider the former Main Street location and keep their forward momentum.

Bill Randell said...


Why not go back into the building you already own, have a fresh start and remove the negative connotation?

Wouldn't that be forward momentum?


David Z. said...

What's that old saying, "there is too much baggage".

If they moved back and made a fresh start, you would have residents saying why not stay there? Why are you moving back next to City Hospital? No matter how you slice it, it would be a lose/lose proposition for Community HealthLink.

Jahn said...

David, David David :) you're showing what I call the Worc New Building Syndrome.............which goes something like school buildings will better edukate our housing will help low income tenants (NOT!), and a relocated PIP will give a "fresh start" and " there is too much baggage" (at the old PIP).

I might add in that Babsie, the MS Public Safety Alliance, and others might cry foul. Also what does it say for Jordans Commission if the PIP reopens, even temporarily.

I do tend to agree the old PIP is basically bad I do partly agree with ya :)

Anonymous said...

Lets face it this is not about homeless or any of what smoc does. This is a zoning issue that our reps do have not enough stamina to go the the extra mile on.SMOC were recently involved with a lawsuit with the town of Framingham. There were discrimination laws in play and conspiracy laws broken by town officials. they tried to implement changes to what is know as the Dover amendment 40 A 13. This should explain what is going on with these non profits like Smoc. This is a bias zoning law that discriminates against town officials and there constituents. This is not about homelessness and what comes with it. This is about money laundering and kickbacks for both sides, SMOC& city officials. The law ties the city hands from doing any thing, but yet they have our trust to the right thing. This is a breech of public trust. The only way to stop this from happening anymore is to change legislation with this Dover amendment if not for my community do it for everyone's community.