November 03, 2011


Lost power at my house, my mon's and at work.   Crazy week just posted ten comments.



Anonymous said...

Yea bill too bad you dont free up the comment section so everyone can post not just your flunkies.

Paulie's Point of View said...

The Village of Piedmont is clearly the place to live in Central ice storm issues, no asian longhorn beetle, no loss of electricity, crime way is pretty good down here in the fragrant bowels of the city

Jahn said...

I hate to have say this, but I will vote tomorrow, however i will probably only pull the lever 2-3 times.

I will not vote for any Candidate with a union endorsement and this is from a guy who once paid union dues eons ago working a private sector job.

Sad but it's about time the taxpayers were running this town and not laundered union money. Laundered from taxpayers to the city treasury to city 'ees to city.

Great countries always fail when some can indirectly vote themselves money from the public treasury.

Jahn said...

Paulie, I am thinking you should invite Herman to NOLA fest 2012? Whaddaya think? Even if he aint in contention?? The guy is a bit of a character. Seat him beside Havana Jim??

THE VIP....fragrant bowels of the city???.....surely you jest....dare i ask what fragrances.............Panama Red, Alcapulco Gold, or Mason St Ragweed?

What would Azel say :)

Paulie's Point of View said...

Yea Wild Will you have been holding out on us have genius types callin' in and you aint tellin' us