December 11, 2012

Clarification Repeated

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts puts a target for each town and city of 10%.  If a town or city does not have the 10% level, a developer can come into the town or city and call a project 40B and circumvent local zoning ordinances.  This is an over-simplication, but the general point is correct.

Nobody, but nobody can limit the amount of "affordable" housing and there is nothing in the RKG report that will stop "affordable" housing developments.  The report does say that we have enough and should focus on City dollars in other areas.     That is all it says and I agree.

The developers of "affordable" housing can keep building more units until we become the highest of any town or city in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.  The RKG report only says that the City should stop subsidizing these units and invest their monies elsewhere.   Makes perfect sense.

The only ones who really hate the report are the ones who are currently getting City dollars to build "affordable" units. 

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Jahn said...

Bill, the biggest subsidy these so called Affordable homes($1,200/mo apts) builders get from the city isnt directly money, but the UMUNGOUS zoning variances they receive that enbale them to leverage their 4 unit 4-plex legal lot into a 44 unit lot with no where near enough frontage, no where near enough sq footage, and God knows parking that is 101% inadequate...then there is the stinky little issue of inadequate utility service to their project(s).