December 01, 2012

The Oval

Kudos to the City of Worcester, in particular Christina Andreoli for the opening of the Oval.  Daughter and I had a ton of fun and will back.  Urge anyone to support this.  Absolutely fantastic for downtown.   live cam

good turn out today too!!!!

Don't forget Santa lands next saturday at the airport

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Jahn said...

I WAS SITTING in a local eatery Saturday morning and a few of the local natives were commenting how crowded and packed with people downtown was on Friday night, especially in the area of City Hall.

Then this morning I was reading the T&G on line comments regarding a certain article in Sunday's T&G and one commenter said the tow trucks were lined up 4 deep in the vicinity of the an old car lot (former Bancroft Motors?) just waiting to ruin someone's night out downtown.

Now I am always very careful where I park downtown and others s/b too, but if this is true and I again say If this is true b/c this coming from blogsphere, then it is reprehensible that 4 vultures are circling before there is even an illegally parked carcass in the/a parking lot.

Is parking allowed in the lyeberry lot after lyeberry hours? I would assume yes???

Next they will be lined up trying to tow a hockey rink out of the lyeberry parking lot?