December 10, 2012

December 6 Chandler Business Meeting

To: Chandler Business Association (CBA) & City Council

The Chandler Street Business Association would like to extend a special thanks to Worcester City Councilors Sarai Riviera, Konnie Lukes ,Tony Economou , Worcester State Representative John Fresolo and City of Worcester Business Development Director, Phil Niddrie for attending our meeting on December 6, 2012 at Baba Sushi.

The purpose of the meeting was to hi-light the millions of dollars of private investment that has taken place over the past five years and that is also in the pipeline from Main Street to Parke Avenue and from Pleasant Street to Chandler Street

This development and civic efforts are a community effort of diverse individuals and organizations including but not limited to:
• Arthur Mooradian Construction

• Richard Kazarian – Keystone Plaza

• Andrew Serrato – Serrato Sign

• Bill Randell – Advantage Benefits

• Maykel Family – Living Earth & EVO Restaurant

• Greg Larno

• Worcester House of Pizza

• Community Healthlink

• Pho Hein Buddhist Temple

• Ed Hyder Mediterranean Market

• Bahnan’s

• The Raven

• Dunkin Donuts

• Paul Collyer-Residential Development

• Sharon Doherty – Neighborhood Resident

• Baba Sushi

• Kozara

• Gary Gaffin Accounting

• Rocco’s Men’s Clothing

• Suney’s Pub

The RKG Housing Report which has been the subject of positive and negative discussions, details the current housing conditions in the City of Worcester and it gives specific recommendations that if followed over a period of time will positively reshape and revitalize the urban core of the city. The Chandler Street Business Association supports the RKG Housing Report and it looks forward to working together with all in accomplishing these recommendations set forth in the report.

The Chandler Street Business Association has a history of working together on important urban issues as evidenced by the success of its involvement in the HUD sponsored Neighborhood Revialization Strategy Area program( NRSA) and its involvement in the placement in its neighborhood of the Triage and Assessment Center formerly known as the notorious “PIP SHELTER”.

The Chandler Street Business Association believes that there is a new dawn upon the City of Worcester and its urban core and that what was perhaps needed 20+ years ago is not necessarily what the City of Worcester needs today. It further believes that CDC development at the level it has been at the past 20+ years is no longer needed and that more reliance on private development should be encouraged and pursued.

The Chandler Street Business Association looks forward to a healthy dialogue on the issue that effects it’s membership and others greatly and it looks forward to the city sponsored hearings.


Jahn said...

May I inquire what the folks from the gov't had to say?

Thank you.

Jahn said...

Didnt we build a new North high school bucuz it was for the children?

Sorry but the last 4 days in this city have to leave many solid middle class citizens shaking their heads??????

Especially sad after the grand opening of the new rink the previous weekend brought all kinds of good folks downtown. Even Holdenites :)