December 28, 2012

Vacation over

Took a couple days off...   

Still wondering when the final HUD report will be released?   

Maybe we should wait for that before we have any meeting with the Economic Development Committee?    

Can I please say this for the 1000th time, there is nothing anyone can do to limit the amount of affordable housing!!!!    Nohting!!!


Jahn said...

Forget the low income housing market, now we're going to allow recovering alcoholics into Worc. Housing Authority property at Layfayette Place under another special program. I thought that place was built for the elderly and WTH is with the Worc Housing Authority's continued social engineering agenda and programs.

Four former alcohlics will bunk down together in one apt. and will be required to be employed and if not to volunteer 30 hours per week. Hey what's wrong with 40+ hours a week of volunterring, esp. given they are probably getting their housing and heat on the cheap and the rest of us have to work at least 40 hours a week.

And dare I ask if these 4 recovering alcoholics are related because if they are not and they are occupying a single dwelling unit (a.k.a. an apt.) then they are in violation of the city's zoning ordince which prohibits more than three unrelated people ( not w/in the 2nd degree of kinship) from occupying a single dwelling unit.

Does anyone recall all the fallout from 4 unrelated Assumption college kids occupying the house at the intersection of Salisbury & Forests Sts a few years ago? My God, y'all might think Bonnie and Clyde had taken over the West Side with all the housing dept warriors and all the ink wasted on this situation.

Once again, Worc demostrates disparate treatment and selective enforcement when and where they see fit, tailor made to fit whatever political agenda is on the front burner. Myself, I am fed up with this kinda Horse++++, be it the WHA, CDC's, or others who are plugged in.

And ooooohhh.. Happea Knew Yeer two awl. SSDY.

What's it going to cost me to buy a lamp post banner on which I will print my disdain for how Worntown operates. BTW, make sure the cantilever type device these banners hang on aint made from metal :)

Christina P. said...

The only way rental housing would ever be truly affordable is if there were ZERO rent subsidies for ANYONE - including private landlords. Without tax subsidies, rent prices would depend entirely on SUPPLY AND DEMAND (the TRUE "free market"), and so would have to be brought back down to rates that the majority of WORKING RENTERS could afford SOLELY ON WORKMEN'S WAGES. Whenever landlords attempt to price gouge, middle income renters quickly become HOME BUYERS, and so those landlords are forced to live completely off of their lower wage earning tenants (or else their apartments are illegally overcrowded with college students or extended "migrant families"). Landlords who become millionaires via rent subsidies are THE reason I was first attracted to becoming a Ron Paul Libertarian.

Christina P.
Owner/Manager WWB

Bill Randell said...


Great comment!!

What is the WWB?


Jahn said...

The worst part of this kinda of politically correct treatment for certain indivuals is the working couple where the guy is making is making $26,000 a year at Auto Zone and the woman is making $17,000 at McD's are the ones who are getting truly screwed over. They live by the rules, they're both on a payroll, and the political establishment sees fit to favor those who have loused up their own lifes.

That said, i have known my share of those affected by so called substance abuse, by hey they made the wrong decisions in life and then they get coodled and favored with this kind of treatment. We need to bring back the Poor Farm. I mean will still have a Poor Farm Brook in Worcester and there is plenty of vacant city owned land that abuts it, too.

SO I wonder how illegally overcrowded the PIP shelter will be these next few nights and thsi past week I have never seen so many motorists handing off dollar bills to beggars at the city's major intersections. Dont we already have laws that deal with jaywalking, endangering oneself, loitering, etc?

SO i travel along Front St yesterday and skating rink was loaded. I get the red light at library and I thought for sure I there was going to be a brawl right in the middle of the intersection between 3 guys. Not sure what their beef was bit one of em was definitely on crack, meth, or something......a mere 100 yards from the all the hualaday crowds at the skating rink.

And what is with the 16 tons per axle load limit signs i see erected along the new unfinished stetch of Front St and may I Inquire how pedestrains are going to get from Front St over to Union Station? Is there going to be a footbridge built or will pedestrians have to cross the 6 lane Worc Center Blvd?

Jahn said...

And..............all the problems this city has and our dingbat City Council see fits to waste time and resources re-naming a dead end street or alley to "Lois Lane" becuz the business that abuts this right of way sells Superman Comic books? Do I have this correct? Soooooo....what happens when that business is no longer there?

Bill, how about you buy a piece of wooded land in a valley then develop it and city will name it Ran Dell.

This BS about naming city assets after people is insane. SO does anyone under 45 years old know who, what, why, or where O' Brien Field is all about? Nope, it aint a sporting facility and it's nuttin' to do with the current CM.

Arnie Sackson said...

But the City of Worcester can start making itself more attractive to the middle class. Steve Teasdale and Rancid Tirrella talk about the city being fifty plus percent poor as if it is a badge of honor