December 19, 2012

South Worcester Industrial Park

20 years!!!
Let me say that again 20 years!!!

Bet you there has to be 10 million invested in land takings and clean-ups.    Not even calculating the lost tax revenues.     Now we want to take on the Wyman Gordon parcel?

The City is going to end up getting sued by Wyman Gordon.  I watched last night and I did not hear one "public use" reason as to why the city should look into this property for eminent domain....     


Anonymous said...

Many have suggested it as a better location for hockey rinks.

Jahn said...

I say let the 3 colleges build their own God dam hockey rink(s) on their own property and stay the hell out of downtown Worc and stop coming to city hall looking for city property to build it on. I

I mean WTH wants more non taxable, non profit owned property esp. in DT Worc.

Jahn said...

Let us also not forget Worc's largest ever eminent domain taking, The Worcester Center in the mid to late 1960's. That worked out OK for what, 20 years at best and in the interim snuffed out downtown.

And how is that Worc center working out now..........well ya knock it all down, re-open Front St, build more new structures and expect a different result.

The Worc Civic Center (DCU now) is another colossal Worcester govt boondoogle failure. Many may see it as a success today, but based on what it has cost the city, it's a horrible failure. Even Jordan had that one right and used to rail against its construction.