January 11, 2013

MassPort CEO Glynn at DCU

Long and the short.  Everyone talked about how good it has been for Worcester, Central Mass and the Commonwealth of MA that MassPort has taken over complete ownership of ORH.  Here are the other highlights:

  • in 1975 ORH had 375,000
  • no reason we can get back to that level short term without any talks of access road
  • cargo not planned in immediate future
  • CAT III in the works, consultants hired, 30 million will take a couple years
  • jetBlue 2014 hopefuly
  • announcement 2013 90 days prior to start
  • 2 flights per day to Florida on their smaller jet

All good news.    I asked one question.   Think it would be great if MassPort would offere free parking first 90 days commercial service returned to ORH? 


Anonymous said...

Smaller jet....the Embraer 190?!?!?!


You are clairvoyant, Bill ... you were begging for those to come to ORH 5+ years ago!

Good job!

Harry T

Jahn said...

Bill, you have got be kidding me?

HOPEFULLY in 2014, 4 yrs into Massports ownership and 12 years in to their substantive ownership, we MAY GET Jet Blue in after we spend (waste) $30M to bring a how many flights here and also after which we couldnt hold on to Allegiant for what was it 2 years.

Surely, mi amigo you jest?

Steve Foley said...

Did you get an answer or response to your question?

Anonymous said...

Im very wary of this. I think Massport is twisting JetBlues arm too much. If they really wanted to fly from there, they would have jumped on the opportunity. Theyre hesitant at best. In the business world, do you contract a firm that has a bad reputation in its industry? Of course not. ORH doesnt have a solid rep in commercial aviation. Massport needs to clean out and start from scratch. From design to personnel. Sorry Andy, youre a nice guy but staff wise, its more of a big top than an airport. I cant find it to hold faith for this.


jose said...

what i want to know is this, are there other airlines interested in flying out of orh? how is it that one of the biggest american airliners has shown "interest", but no one else has? hard to imagine that there isnt some summer time route from orh to the cape and the islands by someone

Bill Randell said...


jetBlue has 25% of the Logan business. I heard that somewhere...

Think that explains jetBlue interest in ORH. Up to us to fill every plane when jetBlue gets here and then who knows?