October 27, 2005

Allegiant At Max

One of my hopes was that Allegiant may move into other Florida cities. Based on this from the Las Vegas Sun, it looks like Allegiant is at capacity based on the current fleet. Maybe they may add some other cities that they fly from but Orlando/Sanford and Las Vegas look like their only destinations in the short-term.

That's about all the capacity we'll have with our existing fleet," said Tyri Squyres, a spokeswoman for the airline. "But Orlando has already been really good for us."
The vast majority of Allegiant's traffic comes from small-town America. But Las Vegas and Orlando residents are starting to take notice of the airline's low fares and using it for their own travel.

Squyres said 9.5 percent of Allegiant's Las Vegas passenger counts originate in Las Vegas. Through August, the airline served 526,673 passengers at McCarran, making it the ninth-busiest at the local airport and on par with popular low-cost carrier JetBlue Airways.
But Orlando has embraced the airline even more: 16.1 percent of the airline's Orlando counts originate there.

Allegiant Air has 14 airlines in their fleet.

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