October 21, 2005

Hub & Spoke System

On September 13th, Embraer delivered the first Embraer 190 to JetBlue. The first of a firm order of 101 with delivery of approximately 18 per year from 2005 through 2011. Although the conventional hub and spoke system may be changing, it is not dead. What do you think JetBlue will do with this fleet of 101 Embraer 190's? Maybe some will be used to provide some point to point service but 101......

One of the first Embraer 190's, if not the first, will go to Logan to shuttle to JFK. Add this with existing shuttles from Burlington, Syracuse, Rochester and Buffalo, to JFK and it looks like a hub and spoke. I can very easily see these Embraers being used to feed JFK even more, from cities like Newburgh, NY, Manchester, NH and Portland, Me. Long Beach, JetBlue's base on the West Coast, will see similar types of routes for the Embraer.

That is why I think we should keep in touch with JetBlue to target an Embraer for an ORH-JFK flight.

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