October 24, 2005

Sarasota Bradenton New Logo

Striving for a global identity, Sarasota-Bradenton International Airport has adopted a new logo with lower-case letters that spell out "srq" on a lime green background. The Airport Authority voted 5-1 Wednesday to embrace a brand awareness campaign it hopes will distinguish the airport as a larger facility and reinforce its name, especially among international visitors.

Lets learn from this and create a new image with the start of service in December w/ Allegiant:
  1. How about a new logo ORH (do we have a logo now?)
  2. New name Boston-Worcester
  3. Bumper sticker campaign to generate civic pride and support of the airport. A small oval with the letters ORH?


Steve F said...

Actually, ther is a Worcester Airport logo. I've seen it on the signs at the bottom of airport Drive. There's also one of the airport manager's car.

Bill Randell said...

what is it??

Bill Randell said...

Maybe the fact we do not even know what it is speaks volumes???

Alec said...

It is on the bottom of airport drive. It is also featured in the allegiant air ad that frequently runs in the T&G.

Alec said...

We need a new logo anyway, because I feel that the old one is unattractive, and represents the old ORH, not the (hopeful) new one.

Anonymous said...

No matter what the logo looks like, it needs to be advertised even more. I never really saw anything posted on the city buses. Maybe they could even post some on the commuter rail? Post signs on the different highways throughout central mass.