October 20, 2005

Boyd Aviation Second Tier Airlines

Michael Boyd, the owner of Boyd Aviation and the consultant who seems to understand the airline business better then anyone else, speaking at the Boyd's Group 10th annual aviation forecast came with a third aviation category. In addition to the existing Legacy (Delta, United, etc) and Discount (SouthWest and JetBlue), he has come up with "Second-tier carriers".

"These are jet carriers which focus on leisure and vaction passengers only," Boyd said of carriers such as Las Vegas based Allegiant Air. "Their main destinations are Orlando and Las vegas, and they usually have some kind of package deal for their customers. There's nothing with that, but they really aren't providers of air service", Boyd added. Allegiant is joined by Sun Country Airlines, Spirit Airlines and Hooters, according to Boyd, in this second-tier carrier category.

WIP's initial target airlines like Allegiant, USA3000 and Hooters now have an official name---second-tier carriers. Seems appropriate when ORH is a secondary airport. There is nothing wrong with this being our initial target market, since it is here where ORH can re-establish itself and then focus on Legacy and Discount carries.

In addition the conference mentioned above by Mr Boyd seems to me to be the type of place that we should send out City Manager and Mayor to network and sell the benefits of ORH. Versus spending monies on a survey, monies spent on attending a conference like this would be more beneficial to ORH. Check out Boyd Group at http://www.aviationplanning.com


Anonymous said...

Michael Boyd is a remnant of the legacy models. He still believes in revenue premiums, he still believes in RJs, he still believes that the US hub network is efficient enough to work. He is a follower and knows how to play the game with the big airlines and big unions well (I've seen it very, very close-up).

For an airport like ORH, hiring Boyd would be like getting on a train at the last stop. Sure, you might get on the train that you have been waiting to get on, but the train is going nowhere b/c the legacy airline world he has access to is dying in how it would serve communities like ORH.

Now I like him personally and he is a good member of the airline community, but he is the last thing ORH needs right now. He does not understand (or it is not in his best interst to understand) the direction of the industry from this point forward.

Bill Randell said...


I agree we do not need any more consultants or studies for a long long time.

In the event we do, especially the next time we apply for the FAA Small Community Air Service Development Grant, they should be considered. Their track history in this area is unmatched.



Bill Randell said...


We have not identified the legacy airlines as a target market. Airlines, which Boyd has classified as second tier, are the airlines that ORH should target intially.

Since we know who they are, hiring a consultant would be redundant. I say we call them and invite them to Worcester or send representatives to them like the City Manager did when he went to Vegas and visited Allegiant. Send him to Myrtle Beach, forget about Boyd.