October 01, 2005

TransMeridian Airlines

Old WIP favorite, TransMeridian (TMA), shut down the other day, just like SouthEast Airlines did last

year and as PanAm may be doing soon. Good thing we dropped them(TMA) from our target list earlier this year when he heard that they had no further plans to expand. The tough thing with private companies,however, like these, unlike public companies, one truly does not know the state of their actual financials until it is too late.

At the same time, we should have been concerned when TMA pulled out of Rockford to Vegas Route (note 9/15/5 entry) and Allegiant jumped in that there was trouble. Also remember reading about travelers from MidAmerica being stranded for hours. Next time, we see a carrier not only not adding destination, but dropping routes picked up by others and passengers being stranded for hours and hours--THE FUTURE IS NOT BRIGHT!

Here is what we need to look for in an airline:

  1. An airline that works with secondary cities.
  2. An airline that has direct jet service to popular leisure destinations.
  3. An airline that has "discount" prices.
  4. An airline that is in good financial shape.

Based on these parameters, that means Allegiant, Hooters and USA3000.



Alec said...

USA 3000 does not target secondary cities like Worcester. They target larger hubs.

Bill Randell said...

Three out of four is not bad. Putting aside the fact that they may not fly out of secondary cities, they have alot of the leisure destinations that would be perfect for ORH.