June 19, 2007

11 Days

The current operating agreement has 11 days to go. What will happen during this time:

  1. An agreement will be presented to either outright sell or long-term lease ORH and be approved.
  2. The current agreement will be extended short-term to work out the details of number 1.

I am leaning towards #2.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Does anyone find it unusual that 3 national bond rating agencies ALL MENTIONED this issue of switching over city retirees to Medicare as a way to save about $600,000 and maintain a decent city bond rating. Imagine that, all 3 agencies JUST HAPPENED to mention this isuue as a way to save money.

What a crock of bovine fecal matter...who the hell actually wrote/planted that line in the rating agency reports?

Next headline:

"Council Says Financial Houses Mandate Changeover to Medicare for Retirees"

Among the items not mentioned was how the city could save $200,000 if the council handed back their pay raises. Imagine that, not even one bond rating agency mentioned it !