June 13, 2007

17 Days

Less then 3 weeks to the end of the current operating agreement. If we do in fact long-term lease or sell ORH to MassPort, this is a huge decision based on the mere size and value of ORH. To review an agreement, vote on it and have it effective by July 1st seems almost impossible right now. My bet right now is that we end up extending the current agreement for three months.


Anonymous said...

Why does this seem impossible? The city manager can, at the last city council meeting before July 1, recommend that the council vote for the agreement, or face absorbing 100% of the deficit.

How will they vote?


Bill Randell said...

charley farley (aka Steve) good to have you back.

Anonymous said...

Will this clock be going clockwise at 12:00am July 1, 2007? Should we be measuring the delay in getting this alleged deal hammered out.

Or in the alternate should we Start a City Square clock.

Just kidding. I know this is a major constr. undertaking and delays are often the norm. Should be watched tho.

WhatI dont want to hear 2 or 3 yrs from now is that constr costs are up 20% and that the builder needs more concessions from the city in addition to the free parking garage we're already building for them already, which free parking garage was a quid pro quo for keeping the job union and keeping Mr Murray in good standing with the pinkie ring, union building trade boys :)

Anonymous said...

Did y'all read in T&G today about the ranting & raving by Clouncillor Clacey re: the proposed rock crushing operation in Millbury and how the city will evidently (??) not be allowing them access to city water which evidently is needed for for the operation.

A funny thing happened on the way to the quarry though. Mr Clancy fails to realize that the crushed stone used to produce asphalt that the city buys from the likes of Aggregate Industries to repave city streets every year is mined right in the middle of a residential neighbor far outside the city. It is then transported to the Aggregate Industry plant in where it is made in to asphalt in Shrewsbury!!! The sand used to make the asphalt pavement is also mined, crushed & processed outside the city borders.

Isnt the sewerage treatment plant for Worc's waste also in Millbury?

Last I knew our garbage ends up in Millbury, too.


Also, which other city councillor lives in rather close proximity to this proposed operation? Mmmmmmm.