June 14, 2007

Postive/Negative Blog

I honestly hope that this blog is neither. In fact I truly believe that the website and blog try to portray an accurate picture of ORH. To that end, let me give you an example. Before I do, I can not say enough about JetBlue. Unless you have flown JetBlue, you do not know what I mean.

I have put alot of emphasis into the City of Worcester putting a big time effort into getting Cape Air to fly out of ORH with a code-sharing agreement with JetBlue, like they have done with P-town, Hyannis, Martha's Vineyard and Nantucket. Recently, I believe it was Harry Tembenis, pointed out that Cape Air had a rather large problem with their fleet of Cessnas. You read the story here. Now putting this link on the blog about Cape Air, does that make me negative towards Cape Air?? No, I still believe we should be looking into them.

Bottom line is that the more information that all of us put forward about ORH will make ORH be the successful airport that we all know that it can be. In addition if anyone wants to start to own blog or website, let me know I will put links to it anywhere I can.



PS Since January 1st of this year, I personally have flown three round-trips to Florida (Tampa, Fort Lauderedale and Orlando) none of which from ORH (2 from Boston on JetBlue and 1 from Providence on Southwest). That is the real story here.


Anonymous said...


Yes, it was me who posted the Cape Air story. I too, would love it if they flew out of Worcester.

Harry Tembenis
Worcester, MA

Bill Randell said...


Thought it was you. My point is here is a negative story about Cape Air are we not suppose to acknowlege it for the sake on not being negative??

Obviously this was not good PR for Cape Air, but we put it out there. I still believe Cape Air code sharing w/ JetBlue would be excellent at ORH dispite this bump in the road.

Many of the things that I put on the blog about the airport are not to because I want to be negative, but the facts are the facts.


ThrM said...

So, there are NO positive facts? You can't find any good news coming out of there? Wow.

Mention all the press, quote all the articles, stir the interest all you want, folks! But don't think this blog steers any future policy, entices any prospective business, presents an alluring image of ORH, or that you, over EVERYONE else, wants "nothing more than to see the airport succeed." Some would say just the opposite.

Bill Randell said...


Probably the hi-lights the last three years was 1) the awarding of the Small Community Air Service Grant and 2) the decision for Allegiant to come to ORH.

I am hard-pressed to come up with any good news for an entity that is on track to lose $2,000,000 this fiscal year, has no passenger servie and is 15 days away from the end of the current operating agreement. Add to the fact the recent decision of JetBlue to start a code-sharing agreement with Cape Air to 4 smaller markets in Mass and Skybus picking Chicopee??

Seriously Tom I am not saying that the aviation school, the radio shop or the airplane repair shop do not do an excellent job, but as businessman there is not much good news to discuss here.

I truly hope the new mangement brings lots of good news to discuss on this blog.