June 04, 2007

City Council Meeting

Noting on the agenda for the airport negotiations with MassPort. Today is June 4th, we have alot to do between now and July 1st.


Anonymous said...

My guess is that the negotiations are complete, but the announcement will not come until it's too late to do anything about it (remember the parking issue when Allegiant started)

Look for an announcement the last council meeting in June.

- CF

Anonymous said...

I think the negotiations are complete if it is assumed that we will not be covering the cost come 7-1-07. Maybe once the budget is voted on we will hear something.

Bill Randell said...


As the cliche goes "the devil is in the details". The numbers that I have seen is that we will save $750,000. What does that mean? Will MassPort pay the operating deficit but not the debt service?? I do not know.

It is just going to take some time to review the results of the negotiations and I hope we have it as soon as possible.