June 28, 2007

Councilor Irish for Mayor

Councilor Irish announced his candidacy for Mayor yesterday. Since then I have heard him on WTAG (Jordan Levy) last night, WTAG (George Brown) and 830AM (Peter Blute) this morning. Although I did not hear the entire parts of the program, I did not hear him mention ORH once his idea about a month ago to invite investment bankers to Worcester and pitch the airport to infrastructure fund managers and investors.

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Anonymous said...

How many different entities do we need to promote Worc? T&G says we now have a 150K director working for a new, locally funded non profit called "Choose Worc Inc".

Great! I want to come and check out the city as a possible site TO BUILD MY NEW manufacturing plant. I am based in Chicago and about to book a flight. What's my 1st impression when i find that i'll have to drive an hour and 15 minutes after I get off my plane to get to Worc?

Then I find out that the tax rate on my proposed property in Worc is double the residential rate. $25 per thousand vs. $12 per thousand. Gee, I think to myself, that's like going to McDonalds for the $.99 cheesburger and then geting charged $1.99 b/c I am a business owner!

Then the Lt Govenor approaches me and starts twisting my arm b/c my shop is non union and that if I am not a union shop that he will Will give his St Gobain treatment.

In spite of this I decide on the old Wyman gordon site for my factory...but wait........the city council wants a supermarket, a Canal, and residences there and not a mnaufacturing plant. More problems!

After talking at length to the Salter School, Presmet, Shaws Market, Tatnuck Bookseller, and others, I decide that North Carolina is looking better every day.