June 16, 2007


I absolutely love flying with them. Think everyone must remember the incident at JFK where people sat in their plane for hours. Since that time JetBlue has made alot of changes, including replacing Neeleman. Let me tell you a little about my delays with them.

Both times my flights were delayed, I received a $50 credit (believe that was the amount) for the inconvenience. Most recently flying from Orlando with a late flight, I showed up early and was able to take the earlier flight for an extra $30.

Can not say enough about them. Now if I could get dropped off at ORH, hop on a Cape Air flight, fly to Logan bypass the security lines at Logan, traffic, parking fees etc and then connect with JetBlue to fly direct . How good would that be???

Sorry, for all those SouthWest fans there is no comparison between JetBlue and SouthWest although the "ding" ads from SouthWest are much better then any of JetBlue's ads.


Anonymous said...

I enjoyed my flight on Jetblue when I went to Florida this past winter. I also paid $30 to change my flight back to catch an eilier flight to avoid a snow storm. I also agree that Cape Air would be great for ORH for both the code sharing with JEtBlue as well as flights to the Cape. I would love to see daily flights to JFK on thier embraer 190. If that ever happened I may never fly out of any other airport.

Bill Randell said...


If we showed strong demand out of ORH, I truly believe that JetBlue would see that and an Embraer 190 to JFK would be in our future.


Anonymous said...

Hopefully if Massport take control they will be bring in some airlines. We know they can do it, 5 years ago we had 4 different airlines flying out of ORH.