September 04, 2007

July Board Minutes

Still not on-line....


Anonymous said...

Completely and utterly inexcusable...

Harry Tembenis

Anonymous said...

...and furthermore, we can't get the July board minutes posted and yet 3 projects determine the fate of Worcester's future: Citysquare, more commuter rail and the airport and yet mums the word. A couple of months back when news hit that Worcester had overtaken Providence , albeit by a couple of hundred people in population for 2nd largest city in New England once again, every talking head in Worcester was making the media scene , in print, radio and television ...."Hurray !!! We are number 2, we are number 2 !!!" Really?!?!?! Providence, in addition to having a fully functional airport and commuter rail system to Boston also has ...count them 4 luxury high rise codo projects in the works clocking in at 17, 19, 31 and 40 stories tall!!! They are also building a 22 story office tower downtown and attracted an international gaming company (GTech) to build their corporate headquarters downtown! Here are all the details, coincidentally all updated and available for public viewing:

So how long will Worcester keep the number 2 monicker when the wrecking ball still hasn't hit the Galleria yet and all the majority of projects in Providence are approaching completion? This isn't to bash Worcester, I LOVE WOrcester! I'm just pointing out the difference in how Providence markets itself and keeps it's citizens/stakeholders in the know.

Also, with all the development going on in Providence they will have 3 world class steakhouses located within a 5 minute walk of each other downtown: The Capital Grille, Ruth's Chris & Flemings. Let's count the bodycount of Worcester businesses in the last calendar year:

Cactus Pete's
Union Station, The Restaurant
The old Sheraton Lincoln hotel & restaurant on Lincoln Street
Shaw's on Grafton Street

Need I go on? Public disclosure and a marketing blitz on Citysquare, commuter rail and the airport should be job one. This will stimulate development such as what Providence, God Bless them- are going through.

Harry Tembenis
Worcester, MA

Anonymous said...

Allegiant's August figures...

Harry Tembenis
Worcester, MA

Anonymous said...

as you know I am typically the resident critic here...........and I agree with what you re saying ..............but prov is a capital city and also a seaport.............and it has a better raod network including a 2 digit Interstate highway (I 95)...... Worc's only contacts to a 2 digit interstate are both oddly enough in Millbury 2 1/2 to 3 miles miles to downtown........ transportation systems are the key to growth........the only tranport system i see even talked about in worc is a scenic gondola canal that will be what ....we need less ROAR'ing and more PAVING...we need more middle class wage earners and less government built low income housing.

Never, ever forget the adage: "road growth is economic growth"

read an article in the Herald today that makes me begin to wonder if one of the big keys to airline success is the abilty to correctly hedge in the energy markets ???

Anonymous said...

Maybe the commission didn't meet in July

Bill Randell said...


According to the June minutes, they were suppose to meet in July. If they did not meet, I would have hoped the airport liaison would have sent me an e-mail stating that.

Evidently this anonymous must know something, so I am starting to asssumet that there was in fact no meeting. This begs the question why not, when we are about to make a huge decision on ORH.


Anonymous said...


You DA Man !!! Excellent points....and no public employee union bashing?!?!?!? You must REALLY be in a good mood today!



Harry Tembenis
Worcester, MA

Anonymous said... must have been the 3 day weekend...............but the endomorphins are wearing off....LOL............being fore warned is being fore armed {g}

Harry, i heard on the radio on Monday that 7% of the private sector labor force is unionized............and 40% of the gov't work force is unionized........and also that back in the 1960's that gov't employee unions were much less common..........

gov't job unionization is the only growth frontier for unions...b/c gov'ts are providers of monopoly services.....whereas privte bizz has to compete and if one employer is union and anotehr is non union.........often times the union employer is eventaully forced outta business b/c of higher costs.....prob is gov't never goes outta bizz.....i was a union 'ee for about 3 years ages ago......but we never had any paid holidays or paid vacations or paid sick days or paid personal days.......frankly we had NO paid time off...we had 100% PAID 'ER HEALTH INSURANCE and a pension plan that no one ever lived long enough to collect from.....and if any employee took a few mondays or fridays off (without pay) they were definitely on thin ice.