September 21, 2007

Letter to The Editor

I’m writing regarding the Worcester Regional Airport dilemma. I think they should forget about rebuilding the airport and put it to better use.

Let’s start making money for our wonderful city that is slowly dying. Casinos are a way to go, and what better place to have it but the airport? Never mind selling it to a casino investor; we could have both. What casino do you know of that has many entrance and exits points? We would have Mill Street, Pleasant Street, Goddard Memorial Drive and Route 56. Plus you could keep a portion of the airport for the high rollers to fly into. How many casinos have an airport? And the traffic wouldn’t be all in one area. Is this something we could look into?

Let’s keep our money in Massachusetts and stop supporting Connecticut.



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Anonymous said...

You're all waiting for me to comment, aren't you?!


Harry Tembenis
Worcester, MA