October 02, 2007


Sorry about all the negativity lately, but I can not help it. We are in October three month into the six month extension without a word on the status of the negotiations. If we want to have service this winter season, we need to have these negotiations finished ASAP to give an airline time to plan servicing ORH this winter season. Right now no airline would never even consider ORH without any long-term mgmt teams in place.

If we miss this winter season then I do not see commercial service coming back until the fall of 2008. In total that would be two years since the last Allegiant flight. Lastly it really amazes me that an entity that is costing the tax-payers approximately 100,000 per month is not more of an issue during this campaign.

Lastly the August and September Airport Commission Minutes are still not on-line.


Anonymous said...

I know certain things need to be kept quiet but I would like to know we are moving forward as well. I also wonder why it isn't talked about more like Gateway and Citysquare. To me it is more important to the future of our city.

Bill Randell said...


The ironic thing is that we, the tax-payers of Worcester do not own City Square, or many of the other projects that are bantered about.

We actually own the airport and it is costing us approximately 100,000 per month!!!! Lets take care of our own assets first, then we can deal with the other projects.


Dave from Worcester said...

This amazes me. Does anyone want to care about this airport??? It seems like we care more about the airport than the city. In fact, I bet we could run it better....frustration is out.

ohh yeah.........I'm baaacccckkkkkkkkk

Anonymous said...

bill, not that you dont do plenty here already.....but have you ever checked rockford or logan or Westover or youngstown to ascertain how fast their commission/board mins. are posted to the internet?

Somehow I suspect it's faster than ORH. Maybe we need more clerical help up there or In the IT office at city hall?? How many pages of posting are we talking about ? 2,3 ,4??

Anonymous said...

Pardon the Rick Pitino spoof, but...

"The negativity in this town sucks; Allegiant Airlines is not coming through that hanger door, US Airways , Delta and United are not rolling through that hanger door..."

With all apologies to Rick Pitino.

Harry Tembenis
Worcester, MA