September 09, 2010

2010 Ballot Questions

It would be interesting to see where all the candidates stand on the three ballot question on the 2010 ballot.


I am votingYes on all three


Brendan Melican said...

I can't find any info on q1, but Baker and Patrick both say they do not support either question 2 or 3.

Bill Randell said...

Even locally I wonder where the State Rep candidates stand on these questions.

Jahn said...

I can vividly recall a local mom & pop store proprietor doing his first monthly sales tax return when the Mass sales tax was implememted in the late 1960's(?) He was pi++ing and moaning about it. It was 3% back then. Not sure when it went to 5% (70's?).

Social security payroll tax was 1% when it was dreamed up during the 1930's. It is now 6.2%.

Same thing with the state lottery. Back at its inception in 1972 there was one weekly ticket and of course one weekly drawing, too. Now look what it has morphed into. But, hey at least it is a voluntary tax, but all the Dumbo-crats bemoan regressive taxes..RIGHT...!!!!

I tell you once the tax camel gets his nose under the tent the rates just keep going up and up.

Jahn said...

Coupe Deval is a farce as usual on this issue.

If it passes, the legislature will just nullify it and when It gets to Coupe Devals office well draped he will veto it, but as we all know the legislature will be veto proof on this one. So basically Deval can come out agaisnt it and it will never impact the state budget, assuming Deval has to worry about a state budget going forward. That said, I guess he is in the lead now.

Treasurer Tim is just a ringer in the match up. S/b interesting to see what kinda job Deval gives him if Deval is successful.

Jahn said...

I also meant to say, if it ever is successful, count on your real estate taxes rising more than usual.

Brendan Melican said...

At the last debate I believe most said they could see value in q1 from a consumer perspective but were against 2 and 3. Working off memory and too lazy to look up the notes from the debate though, so don't quote me.