September 21, 2010

BioTech in Worcester

Very interesting story on the WBRU website.

Here is another one


David Z. said...

If Worcester had a single tax rate these start-ups would definitely be staying in the city.

I wish the City Council would take notice of what these company CEOs are saying to them through articles such as this one.

Jahn said...

Should Worc have a single rate. Yes probably.

Are property taxes a large enough line item in most companies businesses that they can make or break a location decision. No. Dittos for rent expense if they do not own the property.

The only business entitites where property taxes are a line item of any significance is those who are strictly in the rental property business.

David Z. said...

I respectfully disagree Jahn. If it wasn't such a big deal we would get the manufacturing sites for these start-ups.

In the article, Elizabeth Higgins of GlycoSolutions is moving her company to Marlborough due in part to cheaper lab space and a lower tax bill. She says as much with the following quote, “Higgins wishes Worcester would do more to keep its new-found companies. That means tax breaks. It means investing in the schools. It means better transportation.”

The city would not have to give tax breaks (or a TIF) if our commercial tax rate was competitive with the suburbs.

Bill Randell said...


David Z. said...

Of course, respectfully. Especially now that I have had the opportunity to speak on the phone with the infamous Jahn. :)

Jahn said...

David "with awl dew rezpext", please believe me when I say property taxes are a small line item for most companies. Should Worc do everything in its power to restrain the growth of taxes...ab-sew-lute-lea.

David, what Ms. Higgins is saying to you in so many words is we really dont like Worc. but to make the rejected suitor feel good they point to other reasons. You is kinda like the gal who dumped ya will tell she's going back with old the BF when the reality is you dont make enuff money for her, you aint tall enuff, you're a littel ruff around the edges, and your overall looks just dont cut it. Comprende'?

David said: "If it wasn't such a big deal we would get the manufacturing sites for these start-ups"

Look at Pharmasphere we give em a lot for $1.00 & gubmint guaranteed loan(s) and they still cant deliver the goods. The "occupany" costs arent the deal breaker. It things like electricity costs, payroll related eggspenses, Bloated municipal and state bureaucracies, police details, disablity/pensions abuses, the IAFF :), and the like that are killing Mass.

Did I read in the paper today that 6,000 plus emloyees of the state of Mass. make over $100,000?

Did you hgere Carr today. They are now calling Cape Wind the next Big Dig. To make it fly they are forcing the elec co's to buy Cape winds output at inflated prices.......guess who ends up paying thsoe inflated prices........the rate payers and pleae keep in mind there are 2 elec for residential and one for bizz. Nuttin' is more expensive than grren energy,just ask all fools who got sold solar roof panels back in the early 80's...LOL

David, have you collected from Wild Will yet?