September 17, 2010


Ther terms of the original RFP for the Pharmasphere parcel specified that you had to take title to the property within I believe it was 90 days.   In this case the winning bidder was, however, was able to negotiate terms of conditions (TOC) that allowed him to put off actual purchase for 2 years.   Even at the expiration of the TOC, the winning bidder is given even more time.  Did I also mention the 2+ million dollar HUD loan that the city has guaranteed.

My point is next time the city has a bid, I should bid.  If I win, completely disregard the terms as laid out in the RFP and ask for 2 years to close on the property an inquire about a HUD loan.   My point is the terms of an RFP should be followed not negotiated with the winning bidder, it is not fair to the other bidders who lost or prospect who chose not to bid based on the terms of the RFP. 


Bill Randell said...

I have in fact won one bid and the terms of the RFP were followed and I was told specifically that they had to be.

This whole process with Pharmaspere has made a complete mockery of the RFP process.

Jahn said...

I'd like to extend my sympathies to the familes of two individuals killed in their line work the past 2 days. Although their lines of work are not overly visible to the public, they were keeping the roads safe and keeping me fed, but their deaths will receive littel, if any media notoriety and public outcry from their fellow workers will barely be heard.

2 days ago a paving crew worker was struck and killed on Rte 9 near the Masspike junction.

Yesterday, a fisherman out of Glouster apparently drowned trying to untangle a fishing net that was caught underwater.

Both of these occupations are in the top 4 or 5 of the most dangerous jobs, i.e. commercial fisherman and constr. worker. Problem is few people realize what are the truly dangerous jobs are in our society. Please note neither of these men are called heroes, although they both are needed for my safety and to keep me alive.

Rest in peace to both.

Jahn said...

So the unasked question in this soap opera is who had the grease to get the city to accept Pharma's $1 bid vs. accepting the abuters bid (local business) for $50,000?

Then the city has the audacity to tout their buy local or Buy Worcester mantra. Not only is Pharma from outside of Worc, but they are also from out of state. Frankly I am curious about this summertime farmers market for buying local produce. Ok so local could mean all of Worc county for all I know, but dare I ask how many produce farms there are in Worcester (excluding the ones under the high tension wires)?

May be we'll get a produce Pharm one of these days at Canterbury & Nadeau Sts.

This abutter should file a suit against the city just to blow some smoke up someones gluteous maximus and draw attention to the grave injustice this company has suffered.

So will Caywood or Sutner have any good dirt thsi weekend. Been a real drought htis summer not only of rain but of some good dirt out of the T&G.

A gud weakend two awl.

signman said...

This is another example of the city wanting new business instead of taking care of the people they have...keep in mind the local business had just moved into the city a year or two prior...just think there would be a building up by now... instead we are looking at a overgrown property.. if owned privately they would get a notice to clean up the property...

Jahn said...

Well another Sunday paper and no good dirt stories outta teh T&G. DANG!!!!!

Front and center below the fold this Sundae Mourning is piece about the DEA (that's Drug Enforcement Agency for you Pharmasphere challenged folks) espousing the benefits of bringing old, used drugs of ANY kind from househlds to official collection/drop off sites like local police stations, DPW yards, senior centers, and the like.

The annual collection day is called "Prescription Drug Take Back Day" I hear a resoluton on the council floor this Tuesday?

Sew I thot two myself why do we need a Yellow Box system to collect used druggie needles and a bureacracy to run it? If the DEA willingly collects old, unused drugs which supposedly are such a clear and present danger inside of homes why cant they also collect used needles allegedly from drug addicts by placing these boxes in simialar locations? Yellow boxes out on the street corner full of used druggie needles and STD's are a much larger danger then some old drugs in the house.

Well some would say the druggies will not walk to the police station (no questions asked re: illegal stuff) or DWP yard to drop off their used needles. But they will willingly walk to a nearby Yellow Box to drop off their used needles, just afer they have shot up? Right!

Time can these street corner yellow needle collection containers. Too much duplication of gub'mint effort here and BTW I wonder how many needles we actaully collect in these yellow boxes. I wonder if any insiders stuff these boxes full of needles just to justify the alleged successful existence of the boxes and the job? Kinda like on call firemen torching a few buildings to justify their existence.

I noted few things missign from the mock up wall hanging of the new City Sq thsi past weeek.

No yellow boxes, no pajama people, no 4" knives, no pitbulls, no strip joints, no push cart vendors, no tow truck predators, no carpet bombed street pavement, and no low income housing.

Speaking of street pavement ......the scuttle butt has it that Mayor Obrien's street is experiencing some street work. I gotta drive by and see if this is true and then determine the nature of the work being done....a new asphalt surface possibly ?? IS this another inside job like teh job they did for Clark Univ a couple years ago over on Downing St where they got a new asphalt surface, reset the old curbstones, and they even got new concrete sidewalks. Nice when these non tax paying instituions got the juice to basically have a new 800 foot long driveway and sidewalks installed leadign to their campus.

You can probably bet your sweet +++ that the Clark Univ website directions to their campus send everyone over to Park Avenue as the primary means of egress to and from that bastion of liberalism.

And do not let teh DPW tell you that certain Strrets only get re surfaced b/c there was pipleine work done on them and half of the ashpalt surface was destroyed anyway in the process of replacing the pipes. Who do you think decides to replace the pipes which repalcment then triigers a new asphalt roadway. YUP, the same DPW makes the pipleline decision. I am tired of getting fed a line of feces re who get theri street resurfaced and when. It;s all political!