September 09, 2010

Holyoke HUD Audit

Update in the Springfield Republican August 31, 2010.  HUD feels that they should have spent 1.75 million on 7 duplexes not more then 2 million and they may want Holyoke to pay back $288,000.  Got me to thinking 7 duplexes at 1.75 million comes to 250K per duplex or 125K per unit.

Seems like a bargain to me (125K per unit) compared to the 510K for the Hadley.


Paulie's Point of View said...

well we had the first city council meeting since the Hadley Apartments issue was raised in the newspaper........any of our city councilors ask ANY question about this project? The silence echo is deafening

Bill Randell said...


This issue has become the 1,000 pound monkey in the room. It is a huge issue that effects the schools, our tax base, City Square and it is not talked about.

If 40B gets repealed, which it may. There will be even more no low housing developers descending on Worcester.


Jahn said...

Bill, IMO the other issue is where is Jim McGovern on this?

He s/b proactively seeking an audit on this.

Ya know I am beginning to wonder if Worc's issues with CDC's are beginning approach or surpass simialar issues with the likes of the Springfield Housing Authority and the rampant waste and wrong doing found there a few years ago.

MiKe Obrien and Joe Obrein should also be called on the mat here. The City has also helped to fund this disaster and the city (auditor) deserves answers too. Problem is CDC's give generously to coucil candidates

I mean look at the mere $125,ooo WPD payroll gate issue of a couple years ago. $100,000 pales in comparison with thsi Hadley boondoogle.

In a similar vein, what ever became of the audit that was supposed to happen over at Exec Office of Neighborhood Services. Did it happen. Results please?

I assume Shaun & Tom are back from summer vacations?

The motoring public gets legally hosed of $1,000's of dollars by ne'er well tow truck operators and the T&G is all over it. Taxpayers are getting hosed to the tunes of Millions here.

The suburban Boston vote agaisnt 40b s/b huge this fall. If 40b gets booted, Worcester willget kicked in the butt even more with Low Income housing