September 29, 2010

Sutner Blog

I like it and would like to put it on the blog log but

  1. if you are not a subscirber can you access it?
  2. does it have the feed feature like all the other blogs?



Nicole said...

As far as I can tell, no RSS -- but if you find it, let me know!

Also -- I've found that sometimes it is part of the paywall, and sometimes not. So, I have no answers! :-)

Bill Randell said...


That is what I thought. Telegram??? Here you have a good blog and none of can link to it...


Steve Foley said...

Where is this blog of which you write?

Bill Randell said...


My point exactly


David Z. said...


I just googled his blog and came up with this web address.

Mike Elfland said...

Bill -

Yes, this will get you the latest (and greatest?) Sutner column:

- Mike


Jahn said...

Bill, good to see the T&G folks are stopping by your blog.

Yet still another piece in Thursdays (9-30) paper about the council celebrating Clarks 262,000 annual pilot payment. Still no mention of the 156,000 worth of property that Clark will move to non tax status as part of the pilot deal.

This is a classic case of reporting a mere 40% (106k divided by 262k) of the truth. I am truly disppointed in Nick K. He's had 2 (maybe 3 pieces) about this piolt deal which really is only a 106,ooo increase in city revenues and NOT 262,000. Again I will re-state that Maybe Nicks reporting is being "limited" by those in the higher echelons of the T&G?

If we were a 2 newspaper town, something like this would never get by the likes of a Boston Herald. This 262,000 sham woulda been low hanging fruit (1 hours work) for Howie Carr. Maybe Clive can give it some ink?

Maybe Mr Elfkin can light a fire under Nick, as I think Mr Elfkin is not a reporter, but Nick obvioulsy is.