September 03, 2010

Clive's Tea Party Story

The other day Clive wrote a story about the Tea Party, that I did not exactly agree with.  I had no idea that my support of Tea Party meant all of the different things that he mentioned.  At this point, I usually say something like "click here".    Since I have yet called the toll free number to access my articles on-line, I can not.   Even if I had, can you access a link that I post?

The thing that I found incredibly ironic, however, is that I can post a link to the New York Times article written by Jane Mayer on 8/21/2010, that appears to be the basis of the story written by Clive and a follow-up story by Frank Rich a week later in the New York Times.   I can not, however, link to the Worcester Telegram, that I subscribe to, story written by Clive?

Mike Elfland you seem like a nice guy, but this new business model seems to be destined for failure.


Jahn said...

Where's Paulie NOLA been of late? Seems to be MIA for awhile now? Maybe he's in love? MAybee he'll be back after Earl paasses?

My gut tells me Slummerville residency may be in his future again?

As Howie wood say..........file under: had enuff of Wooo?

Anonymous said...

Of course it will fail. It is simply a test. They experiment with different subscriber models on the smaller papers, before they roll them out to the big ones. It has never worked anywhere it was tried.

Paulie's Point of View said...

been traveling the past three weeks to Baltimore, MD, Roanoke,VA, Manassa, VA, Nashville, TN, Memphis, TN, New Orleans and am now in Pensacola, FLA..flying to Boston tomorrow

Real eye opener when one travels to cities on the move Senor Pedro Jahn

Paulie's Point of View said...

yer gut is not far is becoming harder and harder to justify doing any more business in is a closeminded city...I recently asked a young lad in the ciy who has it going on and is involved if he had anyone recently(past few years) new in the city to warm up to that was involved and had it going on...NOPE..this is the state of the city..stagnant...same folks doing all the heavy lifting.....more 224 Chandler Streets moving in to a roar from our leaders and most of who reside at our universities leaving with barely a whimper from our leaders:>)

Jahn said...

Nuttin' like a sweet lassie in every city. Life is good..HUH :)

I got to ask, did Mason-Winfield ever get a haircut this summer? I got to drive by and chex it out.