July 12, 2011


An airline that connects small cities with leisure destinations has received federal certification to fly a bigger plane, a step toward providing future service to Hawaii.   Allegiant Air is aiming to add Hawaii as a destination by summer of next year, company spokeswoman Kristine Shattuck-Cooper said Thursday.

"Hawaii is a natural destination for us," she said. "We're always looking at new and different locations that fit our business model." She said it's not yet known which cities the Hawaii flights are to service.

The airline, part of Las Vegas-based Allegiant Travel Co., announced Wednesday it obtained approval from the Federal Aviation Administration to begin operating Boeing 757-200 aircraft. To begin travel between the mainland and Hawaii, the airline also needs Extended-range Twin-engine Operational Performance certification and Flag Carrier status from the FAA for the 757-200.

The airline plans to first use its 757 on existing routes connecting Las Vegas with McAllen, Texas, and Rockford


David Z. said...

Bill, I know when Allegiant left WA that city officials burned a lot of bridges with them but do you think Massport should approach them again about returning to Worcester? To your knowledge, have they?

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I really think WA needs to establish a strong leisure market with multiple carriers. I'm afraid business destinations may be "lost forever".

Anonymous said...

Do I dare bring up Allegiant stock? :-)

Harry T