July 14, 2011


It has been called to our, Chandler Business Association, that it looks like MLK will be bought out (or merged--not sure what the term is).  if it helps MLK keep doing the work that they are doing,we got no problem with that.

Here, however is our concern:
  1. SMOC is taking over the triage center currently run by Community Health Link located at the old City Hospital,
  2. In the newspaper it says SMOC will be moving the triage center
  3. The MLK building has alot of empty space
Connecting the dots does this mean SMOC wants to move the triage center to the MLK building.   We, again the CBA, had a meeting yesterday with reps from MLK, SMOC and the City of Worcester to discuss these happenings and our concerns.

Stay tuned.


Jahn said...

As you know I have not been un happy about thsi entire MKL Center. Do I know all the things that they do....NO!

That said:

a. We now have MLK competing with private commercial landlords? Didnt Assumption college have a "satellite" classroom operation there?

b. MLK pays no property tax. Private landlords do. If I was Mr. A.M. , I'd be upset. How can one compete? We have teh beginnings of teh "CDC'ing" of comm. RE

c. I suggest being in the rental business is outside of MLk Centers original intent.

d. SMOC belongs in South Middlesex not South worcester. Shall we export Main South CdC's and Worc Comm. Grds services to the south side of Framingham ... of better yet to Sherborn or Dover or Swellesley.

e. MLK Center is merely a job for certain folk(s) at good pay and bennies and I suggest such compenstion these folks could never find in the private sector.

f. Think about logic of a Non profit running an entrepenuerial teaching/learning program. I'd love to know how many SBA loans that originated with MLK entrep's have not been paid back.

g. What does MLK do that Quinsig or trade school or Cambridge & Porter or Salter cant do or doesnt already do?

h. I am telling ya all when the dust settles in Washington DC a few years from now, many many many of these Gov't funded non profits are going to de-funded. Just cannot afford them or the results of what they do (or dont do).

i. How about a JKF Empowerment Center in the Irish section of Worcester or a Columbus Empowerment Center on whats left of Shrewsbury St or a Polanski Empowerment Center in Webster.

j. Paulie, if bill is connecting the dots correctly , kiss teh 'hood and the VOP concept good bye. Azel will roll over in his grave.

Jahn said...

and Also randell you re slacking in the summer (cant blame ya!).........RC's editorial was an EZ thread a few days ago. I am telling ya that guy is gettign ink 5x a year now.....thot T&G limit was 4??

Bill Randell said...


oh richard chernisky

Will try to find it

Paulie's Point of View said...

You are correct Senor Pedro Jahn about the VOP concept....this national model collapsed real quick between SMOC AND UMASS........these two giants have.to work out their issues.....MLK and UMASS have been part of CSBA and both are jumping.on the lifeboat with the women and children and leaving the rest of us to go down with the ship.....we are meeting tomorrow with the city manager....how we.fight this is decided after this meeting

Jahn said...

The "Cambridge" & Porter proprietary school i referred to above shoulda been Chester & Porter.

Folks this alleged closing of the PIP shelter is in substance a mere break up of PIP services to other providers which may result in multiple "Mini-PIPS" still in the immediate area.

Sometimes one has to ownder if it was better off to leave it where it was, given how so called closing is just spreading the pain a 1/2 mile away and in more locations which I suggest will have even more disastrous effects on Village Of Pualie, its residents, and it' scommerce.

Have ta kinda feel for you guys and your Chandler Bizz Assn......all the efforts put into this are being undermined by outta town, non profit social service agency(s), who suck off the teet of the likes of the for profit businesses of the CBA.

IMNsho the PIP s/b far farr removed from the area to a remote, rural location....or a dry town like Lincoln or Harvard or how about West Tisbury...or is Slummerville a dry town too :)

I do hope everyone is enjoying thsi run of great weather