October 30, 2011

Asian Beetle

For all those people in harry T's neck of the woods, you should thank an Asian Beetle for having power today.   Power out everywhere.  

If you want to waste a half hour try to drive Salisbury Street between Flagg and Forest Street. 


Jahn said...

The city never trims their shade trees unless you complain and even then they sometimes dont come.

I am glad that I live in GBV where the largest tree is only about 20 ft tall :) and i think the wires may be underground too. YOu folks in teh peopels republic of Holden dont know how nice you have it with all your trees :)

So dare I ask is the common skating rink open today? Is it even finished?

Can u say city snow budget busted b4 Jan. 1st?

I recall Nov 7 or 8th 1987, we got 5-6" inches. I only recall b/c I had a huge outdoor project just started about a week earlier :).

The Water Boy said...

So today Clive continues his kind of sad tale about a woman who lost her 3 decker via the city tax lien process. He mentions w/o any specificity another city property that has a 15,000 water and/or sewer lien on it. Oddly he mentions no names?

This got me to thinking about my comment on here a few months ago about the MLK center and that the city treasursers office website indicates they have not made any payments since April,2000. Thats not a typo, yes the year 2000. Now of course like all well intentioned non profits (think Hand It Over Theatre) MLK pays no real estate taxes, but surely they must have used quite a few gallons of H2O over the years.

So my curiosity was piqued back a few months ago as to how MLK is reported by the city treasurers website to have made no payments to the city since April, 2000. Even if they had a well they would still be on the hook for sewer discharge fees?

Maybe Non profit water payments arent handled via the city treasurers website? Maybe they pay for a water meter at a different site, but I couldnt find anything on Dewey St related to MLK? Maybe the CC waived such fees back when MLK was initially opened in the 1990s(?).. Of course there may well be other logical reasons or mistakes, but I'd just like to know........does (did) MLK ever pay for water and/or sewer in the last decade or so?

Clive???, Sean????, Thomas??? Thomas of the T&G i.e.) Mr Treasurer???? Mr CM??? Mr DPW???
City Council??? KOnnie??? Water Dept billing??? Someone please. I suspect there may be a plausible explanantion.....I just would like to hear it. Thank you.