October 24, 2011

Direct Air

Getting more and more concerned about this airline every day.     Since Direct Air is a public charter, they need to deposit revenues from ticket sales into an esgrow account and the monies are bonded.   If you buy a ticket, your monies are safe.

On the other hand, if you buy a ticket, actually a voucher, through Family Ties since it is not a ticket the monies are not put into escrow and can be spent on daily operations.    Bottom line these monies are not secure.  Top that off with all the bad experiences I have heard about Family Ties, I stronlgly urge you to buy actual tickets from Direct Air to support ORH but not to buy tickets through Family Ties.

Now I am hearing that the international flights may be in trouble and the Sanford rumor has not gone away.  Bottom line the next few months may be very interesting with Direct Air.


Jahn said...

Ok here we go again. School CEO says we need more new school buildings.

Dont cha know the new buildings will help the littel Kiddies to get a better education. Next up?????????? new school buildings will also eliminate MCAS cheating by the teachers and proctors and will also help the fat kids to lose weight. GEEEESSSH

Of course no one asks WTF the $$$$$$$$$$$ is going to come from. Time to send this joke of a CEO back to Norfolk. Time to stop this BS now !!!!!!!!! Send all the illegals home and we can knock a few buildings down and not replace them.

So has anyone asked where the CC is on our airport that Massport was supposed to save? Close it and start a community garden and a community chicken farm up there.

Folks let's be realistic here. This place is beyond hope. Two commercial airline flights per week for the last what 5 or 6 years. Time to give it up and change the name of the blog????

Suggestions for a new name for the blog?

David Z. said...

I thought it was already known as the Worcester Blog even though on Bill's home page the link still states airport blog.

In my mind, it has always been about more than just the airport.