October 20, 2011


got off Palmer exit today and saw a sign for a website,  BusinessesForPalmer  .    This is a website of Palmer businesses supporting a casino.

Too bad we did not have something like this for JetBlue to come to ORH? 


Anonymous said...

Mohegan Sun even has a website and Facebook page geared up for the Palmer,Ma location...


Now THAT's planning!

Harry T

Bill Randell said...

starting to get the feeling MassPort is going to do nothing with ORH until they get an access road..

that will also be their excuse why they can't get us any flights which fails to explain how people were able to find the airport in the past or with DirectAir today

Jahn said...

Speaking of signs, maybe my memory is clouded with airport fog, but wasnt MP back in July ,2010 going to install new, better, and/or add'l signage to the airport which would hopefully read Boston Metro Airport?

Signage s/b put up as you exit the Pike:

Millbury, MA :

Blunts Rte 146S
CVS cigs Rte 146S
Pushcart food Rte 146S
Mall(s) Rte 146S
4" knives Rte 146S
Worc T&G Rte 20E
Bike Trail Rte 146S

Worcester, MA:

NOLO housing Rte 146N
Yard chickens Rte 146N
Pajama peeps Rte 146N

Junction Rte 146N

Pathfinder ????????

Bancroft Tower Closed

Anonymous said...

Again Bill, where's this new and improved blog you said you were going to introduce? Honestly, either put up or shut-up, posting the same old stuff is a waste of time everyone's time.

Anonymous said...


Harry T

Anonymous said...

People will find the airport bill. But it is a major risk for Jetblue to take. Worcester is a giant question mark for them. Why spend money on that risk when they can go to a well established airport like TF Green where they know they will see a return on their investment. It's simple business. Worcester is not appealing to major airlines and that is all there is to it. It has nothing to do with an access road, Jetblue is just not interested in being a start up airline for an airport. Just realize nothing is ever going to become of the Worcester airport. Sure it was thriving in the 80's but TF Green and Manchester have taken that business and Worcester will not return to those levels ever again.