October 17, 2011

JetBlue update

Courtesy from Dave Z from Canal meeting minutes

Logan Airport dominant JetBlue Airways Corp. is seeking to expand it's regional flights from 100 to 150 fights per day . Jet Blue CEO Dave Barger said that Massachusetts Port Authority, overseer of Worcester' Airport ,approached him on the idea of providing service from Worcester. After visiting Providence's TF Green (Warwick, RI) JetBlue decided the RI airport's infrastructure was better prepared with it's highway access and updated navigational aids. New MA Secretary of Transportation Richard Davies stated that the Worcester Regional Airport would not be able to handle JetBlue flights for some time. Davey points out "... given the constraints on access, that the market isn't attractive to JetBlue." JetBlue employs about 2,000 at Logan.


Anonymous said...

Give me an F'n break! Arrrrrrrrgh!!! Jet Blucy pulled the football back again on ORH's field goal attempt....


Harry T

Bill Randell said...

amazed that i did not see this in the telegram?

Jahn said...

This competely disappoints me, but I am not surprised. MP has been at Worc airport for 10 yrs and and for 1+ of those years has owned the place and they have not added any commercial flights.

On July 1,2011, the anniversary of MPs takeover, I basically asked whats up at the airport given that MP has the been owner for a year?

The place get cannot even get regularly scheduled connector flights even with MPs juice.

Folks I think we have to know when to fold and know when to hold em. An access raod, if ever, will happen only when Logan is 125% flight capacity and bursting at the seams and then it will be a 2year project and that assumes Hot Dawg Annies doesnt hold em up w/eminent domain proceedings

The city blew it. Shoulda just mothballed the place so at least Worc would have it in the future if needed. Fence it in, drain the pipes, turn out the lights, keep the grass under 12", keep the kids outta there at night, and maybe put a part time Rent A Cop up there.

Plus If I am understanding things correctly, we may lose a DA flight?

Oh well, we still have our City Sq hopes and dreams to hang our hats on.

Hey I read a scarey piece over the weekend about what the prognisticators are saying about the coming financial tidal wave to hit higher education. I say scarey b/c if it comes to pass Worc and Boston may become the Detoits of New England, given that higher education is a huge industry in both cities. Then add in what No- bama care will do to the medical industry and well........you know what I am thinking.

Another fine Oct. day in the neighborhood............. :)

David Z. said...

Is there anything new about the access to WA from the Mass Pike at Route 56? I think that is our best hope. Maybe airlines would be more willing to entertain serving Worcester if they had a high level of confidence that the solution was at least in the pipeline.

As for the T&G dropping the ball, I don't think this surprises anyone. As long as the parent company (NYT) is making money on advertising in Worcester, they're content with reporters just taking press releases and regurgitating them rather than actually aggressively seeking news stories.

Bill Randell said...

Makes you think that officials in Worcester were told there was little chance of this happening thus there were no efforts to start a travel bank.

This begs the question that maybe we should start a travel bank to change the perception that ORH would not support JetBlue?

Anonymous said...

hey, i'm happy with the way things are. my family booked a total of 13 flights on direct air to our place in florida in 2011. love it the way it is. more flights mean more congestion, waiting, etc.


Nick said...

What kind of upgrades would need to be added other than highway access? What kind of nav aides?

Nick said...

What kind of upgrades would need to be added other than highway access? What kind of nav aides?

Jahn said...

Worc airport is a classic example of why the federal govt should stay out of local affairs.
A millions $$$$$ terminal that's empty 99% of the time, that never should have been built that is now being run by a quasi state agency named Massport, which agency is completely clueless as to how to compete in the commercail air travel sector and alos clueless on how to turn around a losing operation. Ya see Logan is a monopoly and/or the largest part of an airport oligopoly in the greater boston area and therefore they have no competive marketplace instincts. Kind alike the public schools.

Now we got the usual suspect again making noise about tobacco. What is it with this man in particular and CC in general that they goe around creating problems where there are none. Both have their heads in the sand about the real issues facing Worcester. There must be a nexus between smoking and being vertically challenged. J/k.

And the Q man this morning on Polito (or was it Stultz) giving Paulie kudos for his efforts in the Village of Piedmont (agreed)................Q somewhat likening his June St/Westsider political/zoning misdeeds to Paulies running of NOLA fest. Not so sure I see a similar fact pattern there? If anything maybe analogous to the Vendor pushcart ordinance which limits and effectively bans certain cullinary delights based on how they are sold.

I still think Q should OCCUPY the CC chambers b/c his real beef s/b with all those on the CC who passed the new sign Ordinance.....many of whom are alos his political pals, excluding K.

Once again Q needs to get an old box truck and pull a Barry. i.e. paint it up with signs and park it in his yard. Just make sure its registered (and not in West Yarmouth either)

Anonymous said...

Direct Air was an enormous convenience for the senior crowd and snowbirds, I am very sorry it had to end. I wish Jet-Blue woud get in there, if not, PVD would be great too.