October 10, 2011

Philly Plan

Whether you like it or not, you need to agree that any substantial private development in the City of Worcester involves a TIF already so why not make a formal process. Target certain areas or certain parcels and lay out what you get if you develope the property and keep it on the commercial tax roles:

  • lock in assessed values for a certain period of time
  • waive all permitting and water/sewer connection fees
This would make it much easier to market these parcels with pre-approved TIF (Philly Plan), for current owners to proceed knowing these perks are in place without have to try and negotiate them on their own and take the politics (union labor) out of the equation.


Jahn said...

So now we're going to look at build 2 new high Schools to replace Doherty & Burncoat which are both about 45 years old. Meanwhile no one has a problem getting a good solid, liberal, progressive, pinko commie education in Clarks Univ's Jonas Clark Hall that was built in 1884(?)was it?

For the 101st time, the state should not be paying to biuld municipal school buildings. When the state pays 90% of the cost of a new school the city just decides not to maintain the school properly. Why bother if your rich Uncle in boston is going to pay for 90% of a new school. Why change the oil in you car if your Daddy pays 90' % of the cost of a new car every 4 years.

I mean what a god dam waste of resources and public money to bulldoze two 45 year old schools aLL IN THE the name of building a new school for what purposes...........well as Monfredos signs say.....It's for the children........who still will come away uneducated b/c new buildings Do NOTHING TO CHANGE THE PEOPEL ..................only the people can change themslves....be it bums in newly built low income housing or do nothing students in new school taj mahals

Then there is Tahanto Regional HS out in Boylston. A new school was stated there about this spring and the old one which I think was built in 1964 will be razed. Green jobs?

Anonymous said...

Bill, not to long ago you said you were going to revamp the blog, do something journalistic. When exactly are you planning on doing that? Your stuff has gotten old - jetblue this, jetblue that, videos, the same three commenters with the same tired arguments.