October 14, 2011

Family Ties

My mom's bday today and one of my aunts stopped by.   She started talking about the airport and how her and two of her girlfriends bought Direct Air Famiy Tie vouchers last year and we never able to co-ordinate anything with the availble flights and the tickets have expired. 

Very limited sample, I know, but my next door neighbor and my aunt--coincidence? 


Steve Foley said...

Anyone who's tickets have expired should contact the Department of State Treasurer and submit a claim. State law requires abandoned property to be turned over to the state. If the tickets have expired, they fall under this law.

If Direct Air did not turn these funds over to the state, they are in violation of this statute.

This is why most gift certificates no longer have expiration dates in Mass.

Jahn said...

Steve, so if I let my 2 tix to tonights showing of "Wendy Whips Wootown" at The Hand it Over Theatre expire, The Hand It Over must then hand over the money paid for them to the state?

It just seems kinda unusual that my own inaction would trigger such a result? Maybe what they have to hand over is the fair market value of the tix once they were abandoned, which i guess would be zero?