October 12, 2011

Direct Air pulling out of Sanford?

I have heard now from three different people that Direct Air is pulling out of the Orlando (Sanford) marketplace.    Yesterday I sent an e-mail to Ed Warnick at Direct Air asking him if this is true.  Stay tuned.

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Jahn said...

If this is true I aSSUME IT MEANS WE LOSE 2 of our Direct Air flights per week? I think it's Thursday & Sunday afternoons that I see the DA jet approaching the airport?

But I mean WTH do I care, I never go to FL. anyway and besides myself and the CC have much bigger things to fry, like

a. allowing chicken raising in Worc or

b. discriminating against people who have sidewalks IN FRONT OF THEIR Homes or

c. discriminating against people who have sidewalks behind their houses which sidewalks DO NOT ABUT STATE HIGHWAYS.

Bill, clearly you do not understand the LARGER ISSUES that are affecting Worcester :)