November 10, 2011

Alegiant Air

We really blew it with them, but with new mgmt we should be on the phone trying to get them back to ORH.  I am telling you right now Direct Air is done. 

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Jahn said...

And I am telling you right now, Worc is done, too.

As the bumper sticker so clearly states: SSDD.

Our mayor elect had the backing of the city union vote, yet he's touted and claims to be being pro business? Cant have it both ways.

After what happened here in Worc and in Ohio, I will need to get an increase in my Prozac dosage.

So i have to cross the common the other day and used walkways that I have never used there before. I Couldnt help but notice a globe like engraving on the walkway near our non functioning ceeeeeement pond. On the right (north) side of the "globe", "Atlantic" was engraved and on the left (south) side of the "globe "Pacific" was engraved. Shouldnt Atlantic and Pacific each be pointing due east and due west and not due north and due south? Am I missing the point of this engraving? FWIW, I did get an A- in my Clark night school geography course.