November 19, 2011

Family Ties extended

I swear that I have been getting e-mails every other day that the Family Ties program has been extended.    Again let me caution people that if you buy vouchers, since these are not tickets, these monies are not put into esgow and are not safe if Direct Air was to go out of business.

Caution you not to buy these Family Tie vouchers. 

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Jahn said...

Well I am happy to see the fire alarm building has found a partner that is not only a for profit business (I assume?) but that this exquisite structure will one again shine. I love old Re habbed buldings, but of course I dont like the gubmint subsidies that go with them. Guess I cant have it both ways.

What is not being said here is the reason (THE ONE & ONLY REASON) the building is in the condition that it is, is b/c the city does not maintian its real eatate, yet I can assure you Bill that if you had a tree growing up through your store that years ago your store would have been condemmed by the city buildings dept and who knows what other gubmint agencies would have come down on you.... ABCC, EPA, DEP, CITY LICENSING, STATE LICENSING, health dept(s), DCR, FED'L ASIAN BEETLE CREWS, PARKS DEPT, TREE HUGGERS, ETC.

My point of course is that with gubmint it's do as I say not as I do. I Didnt see any mention of the leaning brick gable on this building that has been lag bolted into the underlying superstructure for years now. Ya gotta look closely under the 35 feet of vegetation growing up the walls to see this....yet my grass can only be 12" tall. Try pulling this lag bolt crap if you're a private'll be both lagged & lugged

And WRCN this morning said that Jim McGovern gets campaign contributions from Winn Dev'ment. I never knew that or if I did know it I forgot it. Anyone who thinks that Winns rehab of the old Chevalier Furn. Building is only going to be 30% (was it?) low income better think again. Jim aint exactly into growing the middle class in his district unless it gubmint employees