November 28, 2011

Legal Bills

Check out South Middlesex Opportunity Council  tax return on line

2010  IRS  990    check out page 10 and the top two indepedent contractors


Steve Foley said...

At least they're spending money in Worcester.

Jahn said...

$1M a year in legal services for a $56M organization seems high. Maybe there were special circumstances in one year? Wonder what they spent in other years?

Think about the fact this is a$56M per year business that is about 99% taxpayer funded........only to have them move into the neighborhooods of the taxpayers who are funding them and wreak havoc on the neighborhoods of those whose tax dollars fund them. Talk about your own dog biting ya in the ass every day !!!!!!!

And like all smart business, SMOC is like the parent company that oversees multiple other corporate entities, each corporate entity giving SMOC protection from possible lawsuits which suits are a real possibity given the clients SMOC harbors.

A T&G commentator had an interesting thread in which he said if the city req'd these 1/2 way houses to have 24/7 police details, they might think twice about locating in Worcester. Like how about a police detail to cross the kids from South high............just like Webster Sq plaza had to provide for decades b/c the plaza is opposite a city school.