November 22, 2011

SMOC lease

Am i to get this right, their lease is only for 12 months?     I doubt it.   I have no doubt that the City Manager will ensure that SMOC is moved into their new location within 12 months, but what happens then?    Guarantee you that SMOC has at the very least an option to a) renew the lease or b) an option to buy.

In the end there is not much anything anyone can do.


Anonymous said...

I think they own the building. It's easy enough to check. But what are they going to put on the lot at dudley place? Modular buildings? This whole thing is weird. Either someone isn't telling us the whole story, or they have just plain bad management

Maxine Delirious

Bill Randell said...

SMOC owns the building where the former "PIP' was located. That is my point, why lease a building when you own a buidling that is empty.

SMOC plans on building a brand new facility very close to the old Worcester City Hospital, where the current triage center operates. Does it not make more sense to merely move the triage center, to the old PIP which SMOC owns and then move back to the new building when it is built in 12 months?


Jahn said...

Wow todays T&G is showing quite an outpouring of opposition to their temporary site, but not to worry, I had to listen to LEvy yesterday for 1/2 hr before i got up the ambition to switch the radio over to Carr. Jordan says b/c he was chairman of the PIP closing commission that all is just peachy and that residents have nuttin' to worry about.

Wonder what he'd say if this was Whisper Drive. quiet. Was a temporary shelter part of Mr Levys commission plans? Shouldnt Levy also be at these meetings taking some heat even though the PIP commission is now defunct?

Why temporary modular units for the new site? OOOHHHHHH!!!!!!!! ill bet they're thinking Worc's PIP problems will only be temporary. Also, Bill, doesnt Worc. have a rather interesting history with a certain modular manufacturer?? I can assure you SMOC will make sure they arent temporary, given their vested interEst in the social services industrial complex.

Bill you raise an intersting question. I am wondering if SMOC has money that they have to use up for rent or lose it in their next budget year. How much u wanna bet SMOC has June year end and has 6 to 7 months of rent funding that they have to burn through before 6-3-12. The old use it or lose gov't spending mindset. Also isnt a former nursing home probably already better equiped to serve as a triage center vs. the old PIP.

This entire PIP issue is nothing more than a game of Main South bait & switch, Village of Piedmont musical shelters, and subterfuge.

Wonder why Jim Mcgovern or Timmy wasnt there? I also wonder what Leicester folks are thinking. Put the darn thing in the Worc Airport Industrial Park or on a farm out in the Berkshires.

Bill add an newly built Triage center to the list of new Worc businesses. Aslo add Wendys W Boylston St to list of closed businesses. Not sure when but I think it was rather recent? Maybe I missed it earlier?

Unreal, I wish i could copy & paste it...word verification:


Paulie's Point of View said...

Me and a few others were there from the Chandler Street Business Association.....bettah to be there then couch quarterbacks on Tuesdays......Wild Will does bring up a good question about whether they bought or have an option to......SMOC did sY last night that they will.sign a good neighborhood agreement to vacate within a info last night that the facility had house folks from PIP in the past......neighborhood had no idea and either did anyone else in the CSBA krewe......

It was pretty rough..........lots of angry folks.....I spoke for a few minutes affirming that a new building is being built and that the CSBA has been in discussion with the city and SMOC the past three months.....and that we will be part of the process going forward.....MICK OBRIEN did a hellava job handeling that crowd...a few cats got rough with the end I had two come over and a two others from Chandler that we had big balls for.speaking up....told em' this was a walk in the park compared to past party nights on Chandler:)

Paulie's Point of View said...

The crowd was a lunch pail crowd and they were equally rough about District 4.....I reminded them also that District 4 has schools,parks, business and many good people...........we went to the neighborhood meeting the hood ......members of the CSBA spoke with neighborhood folks.....amazing how this issue angers,petrifies people

Bill Randell said...


People in this area are no more angry or petrified then people on Chandler Street were when this was going into MLK.


Paulie's Point of View said...

I am not suggesting they arent or shouldnt be Bill.....I went there to support them as did Artie and Rich....we didnt have to be there.....

Paulie's Point of View said...

We also had five kids from the temple....all of us spoke with very upset people.....we told them what we were doing and recommended they form a small group of people to negoiate with the city and you stated they cant stop the year relocation but they can be part of the we have been.....this isnt an easy issue for anyone.....I wish we had someone to ask questions this past summer.....few from Main South came to our aid.

Bill Randell said...


I agree with everything you say, just one question... Why not move it back to the old PIP for 12 months?


Paulie's Point of View said...

Why not keep it where it is....another question Bill

Deal was made with Main South....reason not going back and competing business reason.not staying at hospital and this isnt going to change so now this hood has to make the best deal it.can....

Anonymous said...

This is a shame. I am a resident of the area and had no idea of this even happening until Sunday afternoon.This is a residential area with 5 schools with a mile and a nursing home a mere few steps away.My child bus stop is about 2 feet away from the location.I was at the meeting.It was a mere appeasement and it was very evident nothing was going to change.It belongs in a temporary site at one of the vacant buildings downtown or at the old location not in a residential area.Funny that they can promise one location that they won't force the location on them again but they will force it on us and with a weeks notice.I'm not holding my breath for anyone to keep this from coming here.We Know what side their bread is buttered on.

Funny that when things got heated the meeting suddenly became too

Also amazing that they put a hold on discussing the matter in the city council meeting effectively making my neighbors who traveled there to speak on our behalf there for no reason.We pay taxes to this city and how this whole situation is being addressed is atrocious.Sad.

Jahn said...

This Dover Amendment s/b re visited. Seems like every 18 months in Worc these halfway house issues rear their ugly heads again.

Once it gets pushed outta one neighborhood, then the residents of that hood care less where it ends up.

What really needs to happen is a private venture with private funding is set up on Whisper Drive or on Montvale St or on Uppah Burncoat in McGoverns hood. Did I read recently that the Montvale St tennis court owners lost their case in the state supremem court? Not sure, but think so?? If so, pay back could be a B++++.

With private money no politcian can go behind the scenes and get the funding pulled. When this happens and only when it happens will the Dover Amendment get re- visited.

The there was the case of a Genesis House client who was just put away for life(?) in the not too distant past for allegeldy committing a ramdom murder. Too many of these halfway house clientele are dangeous as well as sick.

For the record my bedroom and living were exactly 124 feet from a halfway house for 11 years. Been there, done that, got the tea shirt.

Jahn said...

How about a suit of ten taxpayers to force the city to use the Dudley St site for what it was auctioned off for back in June of wit....the construction of low income housing. Ok, call me a low income housing afficiando this time :).

Yikes this could bring it right back to the MLK site !!!!!!!!

Let em get away with it this time and waIT and see what 48 Mason St turns into b/c it will be a snowy day in hell b4 that site is ever used as was intended. 48 Mason St also going baCK TO the SAME AUCTION OF jUNE wit...about 24 units on low income housing. EONS folks s/b be taking the hits on thsi SMOC issue........can you say non performance by EONS?

I wonder do the folks living in the vicinity of Dudley St and/or Anna Maria HOme know the entire story behind the Dudley St site....was it mentioned at Mondays nigths meeting?

Jahn said...

And now this morning I read McGovern has obtained $1M for a study for the Grand St area. Another dog & pony show which as we all know will end up with Main South CDC building more low income housing, further decimating the demographics and finances of Worcester.

Mcgovern is a one man wrecking crew, destroying Worc one low income housing project at a time while he spends 46 weeks a year in Washington DC. Textbook case of incrementalism.

Anyone see that map of proposed casinos sites in Mass in todays T&G? Worc is dead center on the map. Can we fit a 1250 unit slot parlor on Grand St? If not just grass it over, fence it in, and mow the lawn every 3 weeks. It's cheaper than low income housing. Buy the large lawn mower and I'll cut if for free.

To Anonymous, you should ask the city Exec. Office of Neighborhood Services (a.k.a. EONS) why Dudley & Jacques Sts. never had low income housing built there when contractually agreed to construction was supposed to commence in Sept, 2005 90 days from the June, 2005 date the bid was awarded. We're now 6 years and counting?????

To city officials, if only you were just as expeditious at prematurely ending Occupy Worcesters open and flagrant violations of law as you were at ending the SMOC (South Main OCcupied) meeting re Anna Maria.
As The Q'Man's counsel said, the city is quite effective at selective enforcement. Come on now, the WFD just happens to show up at this gig? Next time hold the meeting at 2:00am and I can assure you the WFD will ever show up.

Sorry, but this Anna Maria crock of bovine fecal matter reeks of the same odor (i.e. decision already made) as the closing of Downing St., except this time city cant do anything to Stop SMOC.

Yes, unfortunately CM OBrien has to take the heat while Coupe Deval, Traveling Tim, Havana Jim, and others are MIA.